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Bifocal sports glasses, for those who need bifocal prescription lenses to practice their favorite sport

For all athletes who have difficulty reading instruments during their favorite sporting activity: GPS, heart rate monitor, bicycle computer or a simple geographical map, DEMON created the line SUN READING.

La LINE SUN READING is composed of a series of models equipped with a bezel with powers ranging from: +1,5 / + 2,0 / +2,5 created to help the athlete in reading the instruments, without any correctionone in the faceone "from afar". These particular glasses represent an excellent solutionone also from an economic point of view, in fact they allow the athlete to have glasses ready for use, saving considerably on manufacturing lenses.one.
There are 2 different models:

No crew Sun Reading - Sports glasses with bezel for reading instruments. For all athletes who have difficulty reading instruments during their favorite sporting activity: GPS, heart rate monitor, bicycle computer or a simple geographical map, DEMON created the line SUN READING.

Photochromic bifocal sports glasses for hiking and all sports TIGER SUN READING

For which sports is it recommended:
VISTA SPORT It is recommended for all sports that use progressive prescription lenses. Below we list the main sports in which it can be used and where it can be used.rimwere the best of their own performance.

  • Cycling:  Often the cyclist, whether he practices mountain biking or prefers racing bikes, may have difficulty reading the mileage counter of his bicycle, or even simply reading his smartphone.one. Create bifocal prescription lenses on the model VISTA SPORT for cycling it is one of the best performing alternatives currently on the market to your optical frame. Using bifocal cycling glasses is the solutionone more effective for those who have difficulty reading all the instruments, you will immediately notice the benefits and at the end of the day you will feel less tired eyes. For perfect visual relaxation throughout your bike ride.

  • Running and Trail Running: As with cycling, the Runner or the Trail Runner has availableone instruments with often very small screens (e.g. GPS, heart rate monitor or the simple Smartphone). It is essential to avoid straining your eyes and at the same time maintain visual relaxation by choosing bifocal lenses for running and running. trail running, which will prevent you from having to interrupt your performanceone to check your activity data. Using sports running glasses with bifocal lenses is one of the best performing alternatives on the market compared to using common optical frames.
  • Hiking and Mountaineering: Especially for the trekker specialmind for reading the GPS or even taking a photo with your smartphoneone using mountain bifocal sports glasses is the solutionone technique for the perfect faceone of one's path and one's tools without any difficulty or hard work for the eyes. 
  • Sport fishing: In sport fishing, the use of bifocal sports glasses is essential for all athletes who find difficulty in the phase of attaching the bait to the hook, or in the phase of fixing the hook itself. For all those small parts we would need a Zoom.


    The line's sporty bifocal glasses Sun Reading they are the solutionsone perfect for lovers of outdoor activities who wish to fully enjoy their favorite sport and reading the instrumentsone while practicing it.
    These glasses combine style, comfort and practicality, offering a unique lookone clear and close up of the instrumentationone, without altering the faceone from afar in a unique sporty design.

    Bifocal lenses Sun Reading They allow you to focus on nearby objects, such as a book or a phone, without the need to rimove sunglasses for your faceone from afar. This means you can read, browse or do any daily activity with ease while you're outdoors in the sunshine.

    The sports frame offers exceptional comfort and a stable fit, ideal for sporting activities such as cycling, running and all outdoor sports.
    Plus, the lenses are designed to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, keeping your face looking sharpone at maximum sharpness in all conditionsone of light.

    Choose sports bifocal glasses Sun Reading it means combining aesthetics with functionality, ensuring that you can enjoy your outdoor passions without giving up your faceone clear and comfortable. Ditch the need to carry two separate pairs of glasses with you and opt for the versatility and style of Sun Reading, the perfect accessory for those who live an active and on-the-go life.