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Via ferrata glasses

Woman glacier glasses

The glasses to be used during via ferrata activities should provide good protection against external elements such as intense sunlight, wind, dust, and debris. Additionally, they should be sturdy enough to withstand any accidental impacts or falls.

Via ferrata glasses

Via ferrata is an activity of climbing on rocky walls or mountains that involves the use of fixed safety equipment such as metal cables, ladders, and pegs. The term “via ferrata” comes from German and means “iron road.”

A via ferrata is a route equipped with steel ropes anchored to the rock wall. These ropes serve as support and allow climbers to protect themselves and move safely along the route. Via ferratas were originally created for military purposes but have now become popular among hiking and climbing enthusiasts.

During a via ferrata, climbers wear a climbing harness connected to a safety rope that runs along the fixed metal cables. Safety devices are also available that allow for attaching and detaching the safety rope, enabling progression along the route.

Via ferratas are classified based on their difficulty level, ranging from easy to very difficult. They can include vertical sections, suspended bridges, metal stairs, and exposed stretches on rock walls. It is important to be properly prepared for a via ferrata by wearing appropriate clothing and equipment, including a helmet, climbing gloves, and protective eyewear.

Via ferratas offer an exciting way to explore mountain environments and challenge one’s physical and mental abilities. However, due to the technical nature of the activity, it is essential to have a good understanding of climbing techniques and adequate training to ensure safety along the route. It is recommended to tackle a via ferrata with the guidance of a professional or qualified expert.

Men's glacier glasses

Here are some factors to consider when choosing glasses for via ferrata:

UV Protection: Make sure the glasses provide adequate UV protection. Look for glasses with UV400 filters that block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Wraparound Frame: Choose a wraparound frame that covers the eyes well to protect them from side sun rays and dust. A good fit is essential to prevent the glasses from slipping during the activity.

Polarized Lenses: Polarized lenses reduce glare and increase contrast, providing better vision during via ferrata. They are particularly useful when walking on reflective surfaces like snow or water.

Impact Resistance: The glasses should be made of impact-resistant materials, such as polycarbonate, which reduces the risk of damage in case of accidental falls or impacts.

Adjustable Strap: Some via ferrata glasses come with an adjustable strap to securely fasten them to the head. This can be useful to prevent the glasses from getting lost during movements or in strong winds.

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