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Use and maintenence


Protection from sun radiation according to European Standard EN1836:2005+A1:2007.

Category and type of filter: such indication (a number and a letter) can be found on the packaging or on the bar code sticker (at the symbol *) or as the last two characters on the temple of the glasses where the model code is found. The number indicates the category of the filter (for recommended use see the row of the table “Protection Classes” in “Tecnology” section, at the number); the letter indicates the type of filter (N=Normal, P=Polarized, F=Photochromatic).

For Photochromatic lenses (F) the number indicates their category of use when they are not tinted, they belong to 1 category lower.


The lenses fitted in these sunglasses feature high optical precision and are impact resistant according to US FDA Reg. 21CFR801.410. However, they should not be considered as an unbreakable shield against impacts. The frames are made of a specially designed materials to guarantee lightness, comfort and, at the same time, mechanical sturdiness.


This Product is not suitable for direct viewing of the sun and for exposure toUV radiation produced by artificial sources. It is not suitable for nocturnal use or in poor visibility.


To clean your sunglasses, use water and soap avoiding all type of solvents or alcohol. Do Not use dirty or abrasive cloths wich could alter the features of their filters. Use only original accessories and spare parts.


Keep in the cloth or hard case in a dry place at a temperature between -10°C and +35°C.