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Triathlon Sunglasses

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DEMON Triathlon sunglasses designed and created for all athletes looking for glasses that guarantee maximum protection for the eyes and maximum comfort to increase sports performance.


Triathlon is an individual or team sport, both male and female Olympic discipline since 2000. The competition takes place by combining three different disciplines that will done in sequence:

  • Swimming: 1500 m
  • Cycling: 40 km
  • Run: 10 km

The most demanding Triathlon race currently in existence is  IRONMAN and takes place over the following distances:

  • Swimming: 3800 m
  • Cycling: 180 km
  • Running: 42.195 km

Defined as the toughest discipline in the world. In fact, it requires super training and a lot of endurance to fatigue.


Triathlon Swimming Glasses

For the practice of swimming in triathlons, there are various types of goggles that used in the water. Each athlete during training has the opportunity to test to find the most comfortable and the most performing.

From goggles with mirrored lenses ideal for days with very intense sun to those not mirrored for days with cloudy weather or low light. To the essential features such as rubberized parts or treatments on the internal surface of the lens. ES: anti-fog treatment.


Triathlon Cycling Sunglasses

Cycling is the middle discipline during a Triathlon competition. Depending on the race, the athlete will have to travel a minimum of 10 km at a maximum distance of 180 km.


Triathlon sunglasses for running

Running is the last step of a Triathlon competition. It varies from a minimum distance of 2.5 km for the “Super sprint” to 42.195 km for the Ironman race.

What are the most suitable eyewear to protect the eyes?

For the part of the race relating to cycling, the athlete has different needs to  protect their eyes and at the same time have perfect vision by increasing performance:

  • Comfortable (for prolonged use) and lightweight frame
  • Lens with very strong light protection
  • Maximum protection from air, dust and insects
  • Ventilated lens that counteracts fogging
  • Stability of the glasses to the face

We can therefore divide the Triathlon eyewear into the 2 large blocks:

  • Single lens mask
  • Glasses with separate lenses


The single-lens goggles are the favorites of those who practice triathlon for their great flexibility for both cycling and running but also for a purely aesthetic factor. The single-lens Triathlon glasses retain that timeless look of the cycling and running glasses used by great athletes in cycling and running that evoke great feats.

Sunglasses for road running and triathlon photochromic blue mirror lens wallone model

In the DEMON collection there are various models for the practice of mask Triathlon such as: WALLONE – IMPERIAL – CRASH and VISUAL – PERFORMANCE


Glasses with separate lenses are the alternative for the athlete looking for a Triathlon eyewear without the classic mask look. In terms of weight, protection from light and air, comfort do not differ from single-lens eyewear. The aesthetic look is significant for the athlete who prefers glasses with separate lenses for cycling and running.

Road Bike and Triathlon eyewear tiger model interchangeable dchange lenses

In the DEMON collection, there are various models for the practice of Triathlon with separate lenses such as: TIGER – INFINTE OPTIC


triathlon sunglasses demon

The goal is the goal of the triathlete. It is the crowning glory of the performance.

“In the last 300 meters of a 226 km long race you experience the most contrasting emotions in the world. From the happiness of the goal reached to sadness because that journey that seemed so long and impossible in reality has already ended without even realizing it. ”

After a race, the aim is to recover energy and aim for the next one.


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