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Trail Running Sunglasses

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Trail Running Sunglasses

Trail Running is a discipline of running practiced in a natural environment generally on mountain paths, woods, plains, hills, but also on desert areas or limited stretches with asphalt (no more than 20% of the total length of the route).

Trail Running is often characterized by a considerable length of routes which very height differences of around 3000 meters (positive and negative).

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Trail Running: Running surrounded by nature

Trail running is the full expression of running in total immersion in nature. It is a complete discipline practiced in a context outside asphalt or athletics track, at a technical level it stresses not only the muscle  of the legs but also trains the upper part of the athlete’s body.

From a mental point of view, it requires a lot of preparation, prudence and common sense.

To practice Trail Running it is therefore not necessary to run in the high mountains, but simply a dirt path surrounded by nature is enough.

The difference in height, both positive and negative, is perhaps one of the characterizing elements of Trail Running, in fact this discipline requires not only physical training aimed at performance and fun during practice, but also mental preparation for fatigue and attention to overcoming all obstacles present during the journey.

In fact, a lack of attention could cause a fall or place the foot on an obstacle causing an injury.

In the ascent phase, running alternates with walking, in the steepest and most uneven climbs it is possible to help yourself with the aid of technical sticks or also pushing with the hands on the legs.

In the descent phase you must be very careful, in fact it is a very delicate phase in the practice of Trail Running. In fact, a lot of attention must be paid to the support of the foot on the ground and to the position of the body, in fact the weight must be discharged on the forefoot to better cushion the impact with the ground.

Trail Running sunglasses for outdoor adventures

Trail Running Complete Workout

In addition to running completely immersed in nature, trail running is the best discipline to train.

The sensations given by the race outside the city context favor the athlete from freeing himself from every thought of the routine by immersing himself fully in his own passion.

Running on dirt is also less traumatic for the joints as the impact with a softer ground than asphalt is lighter.

Performance and Trail Running

There are two approaches to this discipline: for fun or competitive.

Practicing trail does not necessarily imply participation in events or races, in fact the important part of this discipline are the sensations and the pleasure of running in total immersion in nature.

Those who engage in events and competitions at a competitive level will have a completely different approach from the simple amateur, as they will have completely differentiated training sessions containing fartlek, split sessions and vertical kilometer.

Specific nutrition based on the training session or the race itself, with water and salts calibrated for training or competition.

Nothing therefore is left to chance, because although the events are safe and with staff present along the route, we always talk about a discipline practiced in the total immersion of nature.

For those who practice trails for fun, arriving first or last is of little importance, just as the extent of the distance chosen and the travel time are of little importance. In trail running, you run at your own pace, listen to the sensations of your body before even looking at the watch or GPS, you run for passion.

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Trail Running races with a length of less than 42 km are defined as trails and are generally characterized by height of around 3000 meters (positive and negative).


The Trail Running races, whose path exceeds 42 km and / or 4000 meters of positive / negative altitude difference, are generically defined Ultra or Ultra-Trail and, according to ITRA, are  as follows:

Between 42 and 69 km, ultra-medium trail (M);

Between 70 and 99 km, ultra-long trail (L);

Over 100 km, ultra xlong trail (XL).


In addition, some competitions were born which, due to their characteristics, go beyond the classic classifications. These are competitions that take place on lengths close to or greater than 200 miles (about 320 km) with positive / negative heights, even by much, than 10,000 meters. It is common practice to refer to this type of competition also with the name of Endurance Trail.

Examples of this type of competitions are:

  • Tor des Géants
  • Petite Trotte in Leon
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