TR90 Ultra-Light Frame


The TR90 is a special composting of Nylon and carbon fiber used by DEMON for the construction of all frames for sports sunglasses and prescription Sport Glasses.

It is a hypoallergenic composition and can be used in extreme conditions even for very prolonged use without skin irritation.

TR90 Ultralight frame for sport sunglasses

The peculiarity of the TR90 is the exceptional elasticity and resistance to accidental impacts and mechanical traction (ex: torsion for changing the lenses), moreover it is 20% lighter than the frames built with conventional materials. Generally, a frame built with this special composting weighs between 20 and 45 grams depending on the thickness of the frame.

Performance is the number 1 objective of DEMON, choosing a frame with TR90 frame is the choice for those who want maximum performance, and are constantly looking for technical materials that guarantee comfort, safety and aesthetics.

The TR90 has a characteristic called memory, in fact when you wear the glasses it adapts to your face gently deforming its shape to return to its original state when it is removed.

This feature is fundamental, in fact the eyewear keeps memory even at low and high temperatures without deformation.

The TR90 is also a material with a long-life span, in fact it has been shown that it has greater resistance over time than frames made with other conventional plastic materials.

The rubber parts of the DEMON frames are in soft Megol, an ultra-light hypoallergenic material that makes weight the main feature. The rubber parts are designed to increase the comfort of the glasses and prevent all those annoying micro slips of it towards the tip of the nose.

Some models with adjustable nose pads have an aluminum core that allows the sports eyewear to be adapted to every nose and face appearance. It also allows any type of adjustment (in height and depth) of the glasses.