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Photochromic lenses for All Sports

Photochromic Lenses for all sports

For all sportsmen, constant research in the field of materials and new technologies for clothing and accessories is fundamental, to make the practice of one’s favorite sporting activity and to improve one’s performance more enjoyable.

Choosing a photochromic lens means choosing the best technology currently on the market for lenses.

Photochromic lenses are lenses that, when exposed to UV radiation or sunlight in general, start a reversible chemical reaction and darken. Once the radiation of light disappears, the lenses gradually return to the initial state of transparency.

Photochromic lenses can be used for every type of sport: Outdoor and Indoor. In fact, indoors (Ex: Inside the tent to play tennis) the lens will protect the indoor eye from artificial light, and any obstacles that could impact on the face, and as regards the prescription sport line as a support for prescription lenses. Outdoor prove to be dynamic lenses able to adapt by lightning and darkening with each change of light. The photochromic lens is recommended for the practice of any sport because it allows the Atlas to choose a unique pair of glasses that can be used for all light and atmospheric conditions.

All the photochromic lenses of the DEMON line are made of high-quality anti-breakage polycarbonate. There are some essential features to consider when choosing your new glasses. In this article we will focus only on the features inherent to the lenses:

  • INFRANGIBLE LENSES: In the choice of lenses for your sports glasses, the characteristic of non-breakability of the lens is fundamental. Often the unforeseen or the accidental collision with an obstacle is underestimated during the practice of one’s favorite activity, choosing an unbreakable polycarbonate lens represents the maximum for the safety of your eyes. The polycarbonate lens in fact in case of accidental impact distributes the shock throughout its surface, preventing the creation of small fragments that could damage the eye but forming a spider web effect that invalidates the lens. It is no coincidence that polycarbonate is confirmed as the safest material on the market for the construction of spectacle lenses dedicated to sports.
  • DECENTERED AND OPTICALLY PERFECT LENSES: The decentralization and an optically perfect lens allow the athlete a perfect vision of the depth and perception of reference points exactly where they are located. In difficult passages, or in delicate strokes this feature brings a good result of the technical gesture in a positive or negative way. Using a lens that creates small distortions in the depth or points in addition to the sense of drunkenness can decrease the performance of the athlete due to a worse vision.
  • LIGHTNESS: The polycarbonate used for the construction of photochromic lenses is not only very resistant to impacts but is the lightest material on the market. The best glasses are the ones you don’t notice wearing, it’s no coincidence that polycarbonate is used to create ultra-light glasses.

The DEMON line includes 3 types of Photochromic lenses. The factors that differentiate them are basically the basic coloring and the protection category they can achieve:

»SMOKE: starts from Category 1, darkens up to category 2.5. The lens has a completely transparent color and can be used indoors as a simple protection against artificial light reflections, and for optical glasses with optical clips it provides protection for the lens.
Outdoor sports: It is particularly recommended for running and mountain biking, in fact not only can it be used for night-time outings and for early mornings and late afternoons. The transition of the lens allows constant adaptation in areas with poor lighting such as: Dense bush, tunnels and parts of the path in areas of shadow.

The models with smoke-rated lenses are: HEROTOURTIGER832VIPER
The sports vision models with smoke photochromic lenses are: FUSION

Photochromic smoke lenses for mtb sunglasses

 »DCHROM: starts from Category 1 and darkens up to category 3. The lens appears at the start with a slight haze in smoke color and can be used for any outdoor sport.
Compared to the photochromic lens smoke the DCHROM lens is not suitable for night-time outings because the slight haze can be dark in case of weak artificial lighting.

The models with DCHROM photochromic lenses are: CABANA832RECORD
The sport prescription models with DCHROM photochromic lenses are: FUSIONINFINITE OPTIC RX

Photochromic dchrom lenses for running and trail running

»SMOKE 2-4: starts from category 2 and reaches category 4 during maximum work. It is important to consider that category 4 is generally reached in high mountain areas with very strong solar brightness and very intense UV.
This specific photochromic lens is created for the practice of Mountaineering and Hiking, but it can be used as a normal lens at low altitudes by all people who particularly suffer from light. As with very strong solar brightness it can overcome the standard darkness of sunglasses.

The models with photochromic lenses 2-4 are: MASTERPIECEMAKALU OUTDOORDOME
The models for mountaineering with photochromic lenses 2-4 are: OPTO OUTDOOR RX

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