Photochromic Lenses Category 2-4 for High Mountain


Photochromic Lenses Category 2-4 for High Mountain and Glacier

The photochromic lenses 2-4 are special photochromatic lenses with a smoke base color able to reach category 4 during the maximum work phase. The starting color is a very light smoke that allows the correct vision even in areas with strong shadow or very low brightness, and in the phase of maximum work is able to reach category 4 with the optimal conditions of light and UV generally used for Mountaineering and Volo sports to better protect the eye at high altitudes.

As for the common photochromatic lenses also the photochromic lens 2-4 exposed to UV radiations and to sunlight in general, initiates a reversible chemical reaction that darkens the surface of the lens until reaching category 4 (when necessary). Once the irradiation of light and UV is finished, the lens gradually returns to the original color state.

For which sports you can use the photochromic lens 2-4:

Mountaineering and Hiking: This special photochromic lens has been designed with mountain in mind and the highest intensity of UV radiation and light rays. The idea was to create a dynamic lens for hikers and alpinists that adapts to any change of light on their path. Whether in a wooded area, or in a shadowed slope, the lens is designed to lighten and darken quickly to allow the athlete to have constant and perfect vision.

The starting color of the lens is a slight smoke veil that does not oblige the athlete to have to remove the glasses in areas with low light. At the same time, category 2 prevents glare for eyes coming out of shadow areas.

The achievement of category 4 in the phase of maximum work is influenced by the intensity of UV rays and light. It is important to know that this special lens is created to reach category 4 only when necessary, thus preventing a too dark view of the course.

This lens can be used instead of the category 4 lens for extreme expeditions (Everest, K2 and the like) because at the protection level it maintains the standards of the category 4, but at the same time it is dynamic at light changes.

Paragliding, Hang Gliding and Flying: For the same factors described above (UV and more intense light intensity at higher altitudes) even for flight sports the photochromic lens 2-4 can be used which proves to be very efficient against glare of light, and reactive to changes in light. It shows a very restful lens for the eyes even for very prolonged use, providing maximum relaxation.

It is important to specify that this lens is not suitable for use on airplanes (ex: touring aircraft or glider driving) as the glazing shielding prevents the chemical reaction of the lens because UV rays are shielded by the glass. In these cases, we recommend the choice of the category 4 lens.

Materials and characteristics of the lens: 2-4 photochromic lenses are made of first quality anti-breakage polycarbonate. The impact resistance of the polycarbonate is fundamental, in fact in case of accidental impact the lens does not generate fragments that could damage the eye but distributes the impact in all its surface forming a spider web effect that invalidates it. The lightness of polycarbonate is also another very important factor to increase the performance and comfort of the glasses. Furthermore, the lenses are decentralized and optically perfect, these two characteristics provide the perfect sense of depth and prevent some subjects from feeling “intoxicated” caused by the use of curved lenses or with a lack of decentralization incorrectly performed.