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DCHROM Photochromic lenses

Dchrom photochromic lenses

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sport sunglasses with photochromic dchrom lenses for all sports
Sport sunglasses with photochromic DCHROM lenses for all sports

The lenses Photochromic DCHROM are lenses that, exposed to UV radiation or sunlight in general, initiate a reversible chemical reaction and darken. Once the light irradiation disappears, the lenses gradually return to the initial state of transparency. They are made of top-quality polycarbonate. This material has 2 very important technical aspects: it considerably reduces the weight of the lens compared to conventional materials; it also represents safety in case of impact as it does not generate any kind of fragments that could damage the eye. These high-tech filters also protect against UV rays, confirming a certainty in the field of protection as well as from the point of view of comfort.  

The lenses DCHROM are the evolution of the photochromic lens, they start at the base slightly darker than the other photochromic lenses to get maximum work under the category 3.
In addition to the remarkable speed of light and shade change, you will be surprised by the remarkable sense of relaxation that they can provide to your eyes, even on days with strong sunlight. 

This new generation photochromic lens is a must for all athletes who are looking for sports eyewear for the practice of any discipline that involves prolonged outdoor use even in very intense light conditions. 

photochromic lenses for cycling sunglasses
photochromic lenses for cycling sunglasses

Mountain Bike and Road Bike: 

This special photochromic lens is very appreciated for those who practice Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes, in fact, thanks to the remarkable speed of transition, it is able to adapt to sudden light changes such as: entry into the forest or tunnel area. At the same time, in bright conditions it is able to protect the eye from UV rays and provides the eye with a pleasant feeling of relaxation. 

Generally in the practice of road cycling the athlete prefers mirrored or polarized smoke lenses, because in days with strong light, using a lens that is too light can generate a sensation of discomfort and eye tearing , the DCHROM Photochromic lens is able to guarantee the same protection and benefits of category 3 mirrored lenses, with the plus of being a transitional lens, so that it adapts to varying light intensity.

Dchrom Photochromic lenses for Road Bike
DCHROM photochromic lenses for Cycling Sunglasses

Mountain and Hiking: 

The photochromic lens in recent years, in addition to cycling and running, has moved into many outdoor sports. It is no coincidence that it can also be used for mountain excursions for Trekking outings. As previously explained, the strength of this special photochromic lens is the ability to keep the eye in complete relaxation in very intense and prolonged light conditions. 

For those who love the mountains and in particular hiking at low altitudes (below 2500m) DCHROM represents the lens for the glasses you will wear before starting the excursion and that you will forget to wear all the way. The transitions entering tunnels or wooded areas will be gradual so that the eye will always have the perfect view of the path, without the classic glare exiting the shaded area. 

Dchrom Photochromic lenses for hiking and mountaineering
Dchrom Photochromic lenses for hiking and mountaineering

Running and Trail Running: 

As for the MTB and Road bike regardless of whether you run on asphalt or dirt the photochromic sports eyewear is a must. Whether you run a half marathon or a marathon, whether you are jogging to keep fit, or a normal training session in preparation for the race, the dynamic photochromic lens helps the athlete to see his own path. For those who practice Trail Running it is essential because it is good to always see where your feet rest. In road racing the transitions are lower but there is often a long exposure to sunlight, while for those who practice trail running there are many transitions and prolonged exposure to very strong and typical light of each exit.

Golf, Tennis and Beach Volley: 

DCHROM is also very useful for those who practice: Golf, tennis or beach volleyball. Also, these disciplines practiced outside are joined by long exposure to UV and solar rays, the photochromic lens allows to have the maximum relax for the whole duration of the performance. It is also very useful in case of weather changes, in fact if the lens becomes cloudy, the lens will take on the most suitable color to guarantee perfect vision even in less intense light conditions.

The sunglasses models that use photochromic lenses DCHROM:

Click on the image for more information on the model

DCHROM Photochromic Prescription glasses: 

For those who wear prescription glasses we have created FUSION, the DCHROM photochromic sport eyewear with optical clip for prescription lenses. This system allows the use of the DCHROM photochromic lens combined with prescription lenses.
The glasses can be used for any type of sport, given the shape and characteristics of the lens. 

photochromic prescription glasses for cycling and running fusion black
photochromic sports prescription glasses for all sports infinite dchrom black green
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