DCHANGE Interchangeable lenses

DCHANGE Interchangeable Lenses for Sport Sunglasses

In polycarbonate, anti-scratch, decentralized and optically perfect, the interchangeable lenses can be quickly replaced on the glasses, depending on the weather conditions. Changing lenses is a simple and fast operation, also thanks to the special ultralight material used for the frames, the TR90 Ultralight. Each pair of glasses with interchangeable lenses includes a pair of Smoke Category 3 lenses, a pair of Orange Category 2 lenses and a pair of Clear Category 1 lenses.


»Lens Smoke: Category 3, guarantees protection from UV rays. Achieves maximum performance in sunny weather and good brightness.

WARRIOR replacement mirror lenses

»Orange Lens: Category 2 guarantees UV protection. Achieves maximum performance in cloudy or low light conditions.

»Clear Lens: Category 1, also guarantees UV protection. Achieves maximum performance with very low rain or brightness.

Orange and Clear lenses for sports sunglasses with Interchangeable DCHANGE lenses