Frames Ventilation


The ventilation of the DEMON frames combined with the anti-fog treatment or the anti-fog double lens helps to absorb moisture and prevent fogging. They are created in the frame of the ski mask for skis and snowboards of the real protected air sections, in the upper part, lower and in some lateral models, by a spongy part that prevents the entry of impurities.

Frame ventilation for ski and snowboard goggles

The importance of the function in the phase of maximum fatigue is very high, in fact combined with the Anti-Fog treatment it counteracts the creation of condensation which reduces the performance and in the worst cases obliges the athlete to temporarily interrupt the performance to clean the lens.

It is therefore essential for the eyes to relax and for the performance to choose snow masks that have a good aeration.

IMPORTANT: Conditions of high humidity, the ventilated frame combined with anti-fog lenses may not be able to absorb fogging.