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Lenses Category 4 for High Mountain

Category 4 lenses for High Mountain

Category 4 lenses are technical lenses recommended for use in high mountains for the practice of Hiking and Mountaineering, they are particularly suitable for use in glaciers where there is strong snow glare, it is the monochrome white of the ice can be very annoying if a suitable lens is not used.

The category 4 lens can also be used outside the strictly mountain environment for very intense lighting conditions, and for subjects who particularly suffer from light.

Category 4 lenses for mountaineering in high mountain

For which sports category 4 lenses can be used:

Hiking and Mountaineering: As described above, the category 4 lens was born as a lens for mountain use for hiking and mountaineering. The construction of the lens is aimed to better protect the eye from all UV-A and UV-B rays that with the increase in altitude are much more intense, due to the lower shielding by the atmosphere. For the same factor, the sun’s rays and the intensity of the light are greater, and the category lens is the most performing to protect and guarantee the constant feeling of relaxation to the eye even for very prolonged use.

The most extreme mountaineering expeditions require the maximum of technology for every equipment necessary for climbing. For the protection of the eyes the category 4 lens or the photochromic lens 2-4 is generally chosen (which reaches the category 4 exceeded a light intensity threshold and UV) because if you do not use adequate filters you run the risk of strong irritation to the eyes that could lead to interrupted shipping.

It is also important to specify that once a certain altitude is exceeded, the snow mask is used rather than light protection, to protect a larger face surface from the cold to prevent freezing. (Reference is made to extreme expeditions such as Everest, K2 and very high-altitude peaks).

Category 4 lenses for hiking and mountaineering

Paragliding: hang gliding and flying sports: Although flying disciplines are very far from hiking and mountaineering, flying sports also reach very high altitudes. For the same reason described for hiking and mountaineering (very high UV and light intensity), even for paragliding, hang gliding and flying sports, the use of a category 4 lens may be useful for the protection of one’s eyes, especially if the discipline requires prolonged or very prolonged use. It is important to use suitable filters to prevent the glare of light and watery eyes which could compromise safety during your favorite activity.

For all photosensitive people: for all people who suffer from light, choosing the category 4 lens can be the solution to best protect your eyes on every occasion, even outside the purely sports environment.

For example, this type of lens can be chosen for a trip to the sea, where UV and light in general is very strong and often at the end of the day you can find yourself with irritated eyes. With a suitable filter such as the category 4 lens, it will be resolved by effectively contrasting light and UV.

Materials and characteristics of the lens: Category 4 lenses are made of high-quality anti-breakage Polycarbonate. They represent a safety in the event of accidental accents, in fact the lens even in the case of very strong impacts does not generate fragments that could damage the eye but distribute the impact on the entire surface that forms the spider web effect without fragments and becomes invalid.

Category 4 lenses for the type of glasses they are mounted on are equipped with anti-fog treatment that counteracts fogging even in the case of very poor ventilation.

The lens is decentralized and optically perfect. In fact, the visual depth and the distance of the points are faithful and without any distortion. It is especially important in the Mountaineering context to prevent errors that could lead to falls or incorrect processes.


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