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Sports Sunglasses for Tennis

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Those who play tennis know how important it is to use technical materials to get the best performance. DEMON has thought of all the fans, amateurs and professionals who practice the sport of tennis by creating a line of ultralight sports sunglasses, designed to remain glued to the face even during the abrupt movements typical of this sport.

Sport sunglasses for tennis mirror lenses

Our frames are in TR90, special composition of Nylon and Carbon fiber are 20% lighter than
conventional materials and much more resistant to impact and mechanical traction.

There are different types of lenses you can choose, depending on the needs of each tennis player:

Photochromic lenses: With basic transparent coloring, they start from category 1, in fact they can be used at night as a simple protection from the air and indoors, during maximum exposure to the intensity of UV rays they reach almost category 3. This type of lenses is also very popular in road cycling, mountain biking, running and trail running. It fits best with any weather condition.

Polarized Lenses: These are the most relaxing lenses for the eye on the market. In addition to eliminating those annoying transversal reflections, they have very important technical characteristics for those who must always have the perfect vision of the game.

1. Better perception of contrast

2. Clearer vision

3. No modification of natural colors

4. Elimination of transverse reflexes

Interchangeable Lenses: The category 3 mirrored lens, in addition to the protection it offers from the sun and UV rays, generates an aggressive look to your tennis glasses. So being able to play with the most fashionable and eccentric colors to always be fashionable. Also included are a pair of high-contrast orange lenses, for cloudy weather and a pair of transparent lenses for indoor play.

Mirrored Lenses: Externally, the super mirrored lens is the main feature, it leaves nothing to be seen. The internal surface is multilayered to always have the perfect vision of the game even in the most difficult phases where the body temperature increases dramatically. The new generation lens allows HD viewing. The definition, the perfect contrast of colors will surprise you making it even more enjoyable to practice your favorite sport. Tennis.

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