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Sport Sunglasses with smoke lenses

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Using sports glasses with smoke lenses for the practice of your favorite outdoor sport is excellent to be able to make the most of the time dedicated and at the same time offers the maximum protection also from the point of view of safety for the eyes of the athlete.

Sport glasses with category 3 smoke lenses from the DEMON line are technical glasses created for outdoor sports use which, due to their technical characteristics, can be used for the practice of any sport.
The category 3 smoke lens of sports glasses allows the sportsman to choose a single pair of glasses suitable for the practice of several disciplines.

Sport sunglasses with mirror smoke lenses

Technical characteristics of sports glasses with smoke lenses category 3:

  • Smoke Lens: The category 3 smoke lens provides UV protection. The darkness of construction of the lens is optimal for the practice of any sport that involves prolonged exposure to sunlight. The polarized lens provides maximum performance with intense light conditions because it is able to maintain that pleasant sense of relaxation for the eyes for the entire duration of use. 

The smoke lens can be used for all sports, especially: Beach Volleyball, Tennis, Golf, Flight and any other outdoor sport.

  • Shatterproof lens: The safety of the lens is also fundamental. Smoke lenses are made of solid first quality polycarbonate. The polycarbonate allows a substantial lightening of the weight of the lens with respect to the use of common plastic materials, moreover from the safety point of view using an unbreakable material such as polycarbonate represents a plus to which not to renounce. In case of accidental impact, the shock is distributed over the entire surface of the lens avoiding the creation of small fragments that could damage the eye. The lens forms a spider web effect by invalidating itself, but protecting the eye.
    Therefore, when evaluating sports glasses with smoke lenses for your favorite activity, it is good to make sure that in addition to perfect vision, maximum protection is also guaranteed.
  • Ultra-Light and Elastic Frames: All the frames of sports glasses with category 3 smoke lenses are made of TR90, a special composition of Nylon and Carbon Fiber that makes the eyewear 20% lighter than frames made with conventional materials. The eyewear is more resistant and elastic, with a consequent increase in comfort in use and guarantees a longer duration of the glasses over time. Greater is the result of resistance to high and low temperatures, essential for those who use glasses in every season, especially in winter. The rubber parts are in soft hypoallergenic Megol, in addition to a better comfort of the glasses this special plastic material has grip function increasing the stability of the glasses to the face even with very strong vibrations. 
  • Other technologies: The SOLID and CURVE models are equipped with a removable elastic band that improves the adherence and stability of the glasses to the face.    

Main sports of use:

  • Beach Volleyball: Using sports glasses with smoke lenses for beach volleyball is a great choice that combines maximum relaxation for your eyes and safety in the event of impact. The sports eyewear with smoke category 3 lenses for beach volleyball can also be used after the sport. It is the ideal solution given the strong solar and UV light present on the beach, generally caused by the reflections of the sea water and in small part by the sand that diverges the light. Therefore, using a smoke lens even after the beach volleyball practice for a sunny and relaxing day guarantees you to avoid the classic eye strain of a typical end-of-day long exposure to very intense light using inadequate or not dark enough filters. 
Sport sunglasses mirror lenses for beach volley
  • Tennis: For the outdoor tennis practice, using a sports glasses with smoke lenses is equivalent to wearing a high lens that allows you to see precisely the color of the ball. Thus, making the difference between a perfect shot and a less precise one. The wraparound of sports glasses with smoke lenses for tennis is better than conventional frames and provides better adherence to the face even with the abrupt movements typical of tennis. The unbreakable lens protects the eye even in the event of a strong impact with the ball. 
Sport sunglasses for tennis mirror lenses
  • Golf: The benefits of using glasses with category 3 smoke lenses for golf are varied. First, the perfect vision of natural colors and the strong contrast allow the athlete to focus solely on performance. The eyes will be relaxed for the duration of the game. The high contrast also allows you to follow the ball more precisely by identifying the best trajectory and distance.

    Sport sunglasses for golf with mirror lenses
  • Sailing and Water Sports: Water acts as a mirror reflecting sunlight, use glasses with super-mirrored smoke lenses for sailing and water sports protect against light reflections or protect against accidental boat shocks or falls. For very prolonged use, the category 3 smoke lens in water allows the eye to be kept constantly relaxed even with strong brightness.

    Sport sunglasses for sailing and water sports
  • Sport fishing: For sport fishing many benefits of water sports can be translated, although we are much more efficient for this discipline using the polarized lens.

    Sport sunglasses for fishing and water sports
  • Flight Sports: For Paragliding, Hang Gliding, Glider and Airplanes it is essential to use sunglasses that guarantee perfect relaxation for the eyes and the perfect view of the landscape and instruments. As for the mountain at high altitudes, the UV is stronger and using a category 3 smoke filter for prolonged use sports glasses can make the difference between the visual fatigue when the flight is over and the perfectly rested eyes.

    Sport sunglasses for flight sports
  • All sports: We also recommend the use of multisport glasses with category 3 smoke lenses for practicing any outdoor sport.

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