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Sport Sunglasses

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Sports Sunglasses for practicing any type of sport freely and in maximum safety

How important is the use of sunglasses in sports? It is fundamental, for two reasons: – It protects from UV rays, accidental bumps and from possible foreign bodies, such as the small stone raised from the car or the gnat when using the bicycle. – It also allows you to maintain a more relaxed expression when training under the heat of the sun. “The less muscle involved in the effort; the more energy is saved. The equation is very simple. “Stefano Baldini said in an interview, referring to his secrets used to win the Athens 2004 marathon. Why not use the Champions’ advice too? Let our goal be a marathon  at national or international level, or a simple jog to keep in shape, or that we participate in Tennis or Beach Volley tournaments , or we are simply enthusiastic about sport in general, we can ask for the best of technologies for our eyes.

DEMON loves sport in all its forms, in fact it has created a line of high-tech sports sunglasses for every type of sport. Each DEMON sports eyewear model is equipped with different technical features that make it unique and inimitable.

Sport sunglasses for all sports

In the DEMON Line of Sports sunglasses, you will find models with:

Polarized Lenses: The most comfortable type of lens ever, it provides better perception of contrast, sharper vision, no change in natural colors and eliminates transverse reflections. It is no coincidence that this special type of lens was created for the sport of fishing, then later spread to other types of sport, as the comfort of Polarized lenses is greater than the category 3 smoke polycarbonate lenses.

Lenses category 3: In coloring Basic smoke, this type of lenses for sports eyewear, represents the excellent compromise of those who seek first-class lenses, but also being careful about price. They protect from 100% of UV rays and are particularly recommended for days with strong light intensity and can be used for all sports in general.

Revo Antifog Lenses: For Hiking, Nordic Walking, Road Cycling, Mountain Bike, Running, Trail Running and any sport that you do outdoors. Category 3 lens comparable in terms of comfort to the polarized lens. Externally, super-mirroring creates fashion. The internal surface is equipped with anti-fog treatment to ensure that you always have the perfect view of the hips in the most difficult phases where the body temperature increases quickly. The new generation lens allows HD viewing. The definition, the perfect contrast of natural colors and the seamless viewing even in shaded areas will surprise you making it even more pleasant to practice your favorite sport.

Sport sunglasses for hiking

All sports spectacle frames are in TR90. An extraordinary composition of Nylon and Carbon fiber which gives the sports sunglasses greater resistance to accidental impacts, greater resistance over time, but above all makes it 20% lighter than conventional materials.

For various models of the sports line, the adjustable nose pad is made of soft hypoallergenic rubber. It has an aluminum core that allows the hake to be adapted to every face shape, giving the sports eyewear an excellent fit.

Some models are equipped with a special technology that allows the adjustment of the rods. They are made of hypoallergenic rubber on the outside, while the inner part has an aluminum core. This special technology makes it possible to “anchor” the sunglasses to the face and increase comfort in situations of strong vibrations, jumps or key passages where concentration is only dedicated to the path. This technology is particularly appreciated by those who practice mountain biking, trail running and mountain sports in general.

Every model is treated in every detail. For DEMON, the implementation of new technologies in the field of sports eyewear is the order of the day. Looking at our line, you will notice that every sport eyewear has different technologies. This allows us to provide you with the eyewear that best meets your needs. Choose only the best for your eyes. Choose DEMON.

Which sports sunglasses to choose for the best visibility when doing sports?

When doing sports, it is important to use the best and appropriate equipment for maximum safety. The choice of sunglasses will not only help to protect the eyes and improve color contrasts in conditions of poor visibility, especially when there is bad weather or during the evening hours. But it promotes a relaxing and continuous feeling of relaxation for your eyes.
It is no coincidence that sports sunglasses differ from common sunglasses due to their envelopment , which means greater comfort and stability for sports sunglasses during practice.

Depending on the sport of use, there are more specific models (shapes, lens dimensions, envelopment ) that make the sports sunglasses more performing for that particular sport.
You can ask advice in chat to our experts who will advise you which sports sunglasses are right for you.

Why choose an unbreakable lens?

Sports sunglasses differ from common sunglasses due to the solidity of the lenses made of high-strength plastic materials. This feature allows the athlete to better protect his eyes from accidental bumps during sports practice.
Using sports sunglasses is also essential for safety. all DEMON glasses are constructed with anti-break lenses to ensure maximum protection for your eyes.

For more information on the sports eyewear collection you can contact one of our experts in chat who, based on your needs, will be able to advise you on the sports sunglasses for you.

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