Spare Parts | Demon Sunglasses

Have You lost Your Nosepad for Your DEMON sportglasses?

DEMON has made for You a section where You can order spare parts for Your sport Sunglasses and Optics, also if You didn't buy by Our e-commerce, to make longer your sportglass life.

You can also find all Spare Optical clips for Optics Sportglasses and Snow Goggles:

  • Universal clip for Goggles: It's our best seller optical clip, it is a universal clip to fit on all Goggles of DEMON collection. Cutting in the space will be possible to apply it in the masks for child and teenager. In Base 6, it is possible to apply a wide range of powers. 
  • Optical Clip for goggles: It's an optical clip wider than universal optical clip, it works only in few model of DEMON collection, to see who are click on the picture. 
  • Optical Clip for models 285 and Fusion: Is it possible to replace optical clip for fusion and 285 model. 

To Buy a spare part You can read the name into the left temple ( example: TOUR ) to be sure that You're choosing the right stuff.

Then Click on the picture to select the spare part of the model that You're choosing, then click on the red button "Buy".

For any further request (example: the name of the model was deleted or You can't find the spare part that You need) please send Us an E-mail at o or click here to enter in contact us section.