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Ski masks for Glacier Skiing

Skiing on a glacier is not exactly the same as skiing on a piste or off-piste at lower altitudes. While the monochromatism of the snow may be the same, the intensity of the light can vary significantly, even the light reflected from the snow-covered surface and ice (a factor that is often underestimated by the skier, but which has a significant influence).

Polarized ski goggles for bright sunny days

How to best protect eyes in a Glacier?

There are 2 valid and performing solutions to best protect eyes to ski in glacier in complete safety and relaxation.

Glacier Skiing Masks with Photocromatic Lens

The photochromic lens is a particular lens that when exposed to UV-A and UV-B rays and sunlight generates a chemical reaction that darkens the surface of the ski mask for skiing in glaciers. Then returning to the original color state when the UV radiation decreases or ends. The photochromic lens for ski masks is the maximum for eye protection and is confirmed as the most performing lens for the correct vision of the track and off-track with any light condition.

There is also an evolution of the photochromic lens, in fact DEMON has created a special Polarized Photochromic Lens that combines the polarized filter with the photochromic lens, improving its performance.

Polarization offers protection from UV rays, but not only that: this special type of lens is able to concentrate or diverge light rays and reduce UV-A and UV-B radiation through a polarizing filter that eliminates transverse reflections.

The advantages of polarized lenses are:

  • Better contrast perception
  • Clearer Vision
  • No change of natural colors
  • Removal of cross-reflections

Ski masks with photochromic lenses for Glacier Skiing

The category 3 dark lens used in glacier skiing masks is a must for days with very intense light conditions. The darkness of this lens is the same as the sunglasses we commonly use. It differs significantly in the structure of the mask itself, which blocks any vertical or lateral rays, ensuring a pleasant and constant dark feeling that provides great eye relaxation even in blinding light conditions caused by the strong reflection of the snow.

Using this type of smoke lens for skiing on a glacier in very intense light conditions gives a very similar feeling to using a polarized lens. Visually it is characterized by a strong mirroring that not only serves as an aesthetic feature, but also acts as a real barrier to shield against sunlight and UV rays.

The features of each individual skiing mask for glacier skiing are available in the product sheet of the model (by clicking on the photo in the links) in the dedicated description section. In this way, choosing your ski mask comfortably from home in our E-commerce will be easy, also thanks to the chat support available for any technical question or doubt about which model is best for you.

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