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Ski Goggles with Prescription Lenses

DEMON Prescription Ski goggles for perfect vision on and off the slopes and maximum eye protection all day on the Snow.

This is a ski goggle with a prescrption lenses, designed to provide maximum protection and vision while skiing. The lens is made of a special material that reduces glare and allows for clearer vision, even in the harshest of conditions. The lenses are also designed to be scratch-resistant and fog-resistant to ensure your vision is always clear and your eyes are protected. The frame is adjustable for a comfortable fit and features a ventilated design for increased air circulation. This ski goggle is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable and stylish way to hit the slopes.

Prescription ski goggles Demon

For all skiers and boarders who wear glasses during the day, DEMON has created a line of graduated Snow Goggles for maximum protection from harmful UV rays and at the same time perfect vision, to increase performance and safety on the slopes.


There are several solutions for those looking for a prescription ski goggle, as not all athletes can tolerate wearing contact lenses for extended periods. DEMON has thought of all athletes who find it difficult to use contact lenses by creating multiple visual solutions for those who need a prescription ski goggle.

  • Universal Optical Clip: The universal optical clip is an excellent solution for those looking for a graduated ski mask for all disciplines. The universal optical clip can be inserted both in adult snow masks and in children’s masks (thanks to the soft structure that self-regulates in the profile of the mask). The graduation is simple and allows the skier to have the same benefit of wearing their own eyeglass frame, without the bulk of the rods.
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Size of universal optical clip for ski goggles
  • OTG (Over Thhttps://www.demonsunglasses.com/otg-ski-goggles/e Glasses) Ski Goggles: This ski mask is designed to be worn with your regular glasses. This allows you to have a true ski-graded mask without any additional costs for lenses, with maximum comfort and when not in use (for example, during a coffee break in the chalet, you can just take off the ski mask and keep wearing your glasses). There are various types of ski masks with this feature, here are the main types of lenses and uses:
OTG technology for ski and snowboard goggles
  • Mirrored Photochromic Lens: The graded ski mask (OTG technology) with mirrored photochromic lens is the top of the line of the DEMON collection. The lens is characterized by a mirrored photochromic filter, this precise sequence allows the photochromic lens to darken only when necessary, so the more intense the UVs will be, the darker the lens will be. The mirrored photochromic filter of the graded ski mask increases the contrast by increasing the perception of depth and in identifying ridges and hollows, also allowing the eye to be much more rested compared to common photochromic filters.
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  • Smoke Mirrored Ski Mask: The ski mask with graduated smoke mirrored lenses aesthetically presents itself in a more aggressive way compared to the orange or photochromic lenses (characterized by less intense reflections). The particularity of this lens is the possible use also for Ski Mountaineering. Its use is recommended on sunny days and for days with very strong sun (typical of beautiful mountain days) because in addition to the direct UV, the mask will also protect from the UV reflected from the snow surface.
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Otg ski goggles mirror lens alpiner model black blue
  • Orange Lens: The most common lens in ski masks, the particularity of this special lens is the total use in any weather and light condition. The orange lens is presented as the most versatile lens for those looking for a ski mask that “does everything” while still providing the best protection for the eyes.
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OTG ski goggle for woman and teenager orange lens intrepid model

The features of each individual eyeglass are available in the product card of each item in the description section. This way, choosing your ski glasses comfortably from home in our E-commerce will be simple, also thanks to the chat support available for any technical question or doubt about which model is best for you.

For any technical information our operators are available in chat.

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