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Polarized Ski goggles

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Shop all the Polarized Ski Goggles for Men and Women on the official Demon online store.

Any athlete who practices skiing or snowboarding, agonist or simple enthusiast before buying the technical equipment that will accompany him for each exit performs a careful research on what may be the most suitable technologies or materials for the practice of his favorite discipline.
Choosing the perfect ski goggle is essential to ensure the perfect constant vision of your path, maximum relaxation for your eyes and maximum safety in case of unforeseen circumstances such as accidental bumps or extreme light conditions.
As with ski goggles, snowboard and mountaineering goggles can also be created with polarized lenses. People used to use polarized lenses with their sunglasses know very well the benefits associated with them: the polarized lenses allow to concentrate or diverge the light rays and to attenuate the UV-A and UV-B radiation through a filter polarizing that eliminates transverse reflections. These special lenses allow to screen the reverberation and those annoying reflections that are created when sunlight reflects on reflecting surfaces, such as the wet asphalt of the road, a mirror of water or a metal surface and in particular in surfaces covered with snow.
For all these characteristics can therefore be used in the practice of every sport, but also in leisure time as it reduces eye strain.
Another key feature is the noticeable increase in contrast providing a better perception of natural colors as well as favoring greater relaxation for your eyes even for very prolonged use even with very strong light conditions.

Polarized ski goggle for a better view

The advantages of polarized lenses are:
• Better contrast perception
• Clearer vision
• No change in natural colors
• Elimination of transversal reflections
• Greater relaxation for the eyes in very bright light conditions

Use a polarized lens for skiing and snowboarding or for ski mountaineering is a guarantee for those looking for a lens that best protects the eyes and at the same time allows those who use it to have significant benefits, not only in security but also visual.
The high contrast that the polarized lens generates in the ski and snowboard mask allows the athlete to see completely different from normal ski goggles, every wrinkle, gutter and possible obstacle in a clearer and more defined way, increasing its performance, safety and fun on the track and off-slope.

The polarized ski goggle is confirmed together with the polarized photochromic lens a guarantee for those who use it. It is no coincidence that this special lens is often used by those who practice mountaineering as it is able to diverge the transverse rays of light even in conditions of strong reverberation, achieving perfect and relaxed vision. For those who ski in the glacier, or simply in slopes at lower elevations, it represents the maximum technology in the field of lenses for ski goggle. Because it is essential to enjoy your exit at best, and having relaxed eyes is essential for the total duration of it.
The polarized lens for ski goggle is equipped with anti-fog treatment, this allows to effectively counteract the fogging of the surface of the lens that basically leads to the temporary interruption of its activity to clean the inner part of the mask.
The polarized lens for ski goggle is constructed to form a gap that separates the cold outside temperature from the inside heat of the ski goggle. It can basically be seen as a lens sandwich that provides thermal insulation between the inner and outer surfaces.
Some models are equipped with ventilation holes on the lens, designed to provide the perfect air recirculation for the eyes together with the ventilation holes in the frame.
The polarized lenses for ski goggles are unbreakable, in fact they are created to resist, without breaking, to accidental impacts, even very strong, protecting the athlete’s eyes.
Unlike the use of conventional plastic materials, Demon ski goggles are created not only to guarantee constant and perfect vision of the route, but also to effectively protect the eyes from all the unexpected events that may occur during the practice of own favorite activity.
The frame of the ski goggles with polarized lenses is made of ultra-light and elastic material, created to resist without deformation and breakage even at low temperatures and accidental impacts.
Some models are equipped with movable side wings to favor the perfect fit with every snow helmet on the market.
The elastic is adjustable and equipped with the silicone grip technology to increase the adherence to the helmet avoiding that the polarized ski goggle has moved during its exit.

Polarized ski goggles for bright sunny days

For those who wear lenses for skiing and snowboarding there are also various possibilities to use a ski goggles with polarized lenses:

• OTG Ski Goggles: Literally Over The Glasses, above the glasses. This particular technology allows you to wear your eyeglasses under the ski goggle thanks to a special shaping of the internal sponge and a frame flatter than the common ski goggles.
With a polarized lens combined with photochromic technology we have created the TECHNO model, which confirms a must for those who want a lens that is reactive and changes color adapting to any light condition with all the benefits of the polarized lens.

• VISTA CLIP: It is possible to evaluate the choice of a universal clip in which optical lenses can be inserted through the optician. This in order to have all the benefits of the polarized ski or snowboard lens without renouncing the use of your prescription lenses.

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