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Photochromic Ski goggles

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Use a ski goggle depending on the discipline is now essential for achieving a thick performance. The ski goggle has replaced the use of sunglasses that in the 80s and 90s were used in the snowy slopes to enjoy their descent. Over the years there has been a remarkable evolution of materials passing from eyewear to ski goggles.
A further evolution was followed in all types of lenses that have been developed and which are still under development. In particular, one of the most interesting and performing lenses for ski goggles is the photochromic lens.
The photochromic lens is a particular lens that exposed to UV-A and UV-B rays and to sunlight generates a chemical reaction that darkens the surface of the ski goggle. Then returning to the original color state when the UV irradiation decreases or ends. The photochromic lens for ski goggle is the ultimate for the protection of your eyes and is also the most performing lens for correct vision of the track and off-slop in all light conditions.
Using the photochromic lens for skiing or snowboarding allows the athlete to be able to make every light / dark transition in complete safety, and with the perfect view of the route.
The photochromic lens for ski goggle has a different speed than the glasses. The average transition time of the photochromic lens for ski goggle is 8 seconds to become dark depending on the UV intensity, while it takes about another 8 seconds to return to the starting color.

Photochromic polarized ski goggles

All ski goggles with photochromic lenses have lenses created and built with the same purpose: to offer the skier and the boarder the perfect view of the route through a dynamic lens that adapts to any variation of light of it.

There are two types of photochromic lenses for skiing and snowboarding:

Pink / Smoke: The pink photochromic lens is very popular for skiing and snowboarding especially for long-term contact. The initial starting and intermediate pink color allows a better blood circulation inside the eye favoring that pleasant feeling of always having relaxed eyes, even in very strong light conditions. The pink lens is also high-contrast and will allow you to see every wrinkle or bump on the track and off-piste.
The models that use this type of lens are: INFINITY

Men ski and snowboard goggle photochromic lenses infinity model

Yellow / Smoke: This special lens is a novelty for the 2018/2019 season, the almost brown yellow starting color offers a sense of relaxation equal to the pink color, but significantly increases the contrast of colors significantly increasing the vision of bumps and snow ripples. We recommend this lens in particular to those who have clear eyes and particularly suffer from very strong light because the dark tonality at maximum work of the photochromic lens allows the maximum sense of visual relaxation with darker shades.
The model that uses this type of lens is: NEU

Neu photochromic polarized lenses ski goggle total black
Neu photochromic polarized lenses ski goggle total black

The photochromic lens for ski goggles is made of anti-breaking polycarbonate, in fact, even in the case of very strong collisions, the eye protection is optimal. The lens is unbreakable and best protects the eyes from possible breakages and dangers arising from the use of non-unbreakable materials.
The photochromic lens is also equipped with anti-fog treatment to counteract the fogging of the lens surface even with extreme weather conditions.
The composition of the photochromic lens for skiing and snowboarding plays a fundamental role against fogging, in fact it is composed of the union of two lenses, to form an internal gap that insulates the external cold from the internal heat of the ski goggle.
The frames of the photochromic mask for skis and snowboards are made of ultra-light and elastic material, created to resist without deformation at low temperatures and are more resistant to accidental impacts and mechanical tractions.
The elastic is adjustable, it is also equipped with the Grip silicone system for better adherence to any type of helmet.
For those who need corrective lenses or use eyeglasses there are various possibilities to choose a photochromic ski goggles from the possibility of wearing glasses inside the mask, to the creation of a removable eyeglass clip that acts as eyewear.
Photochromic mask for skis and snowboards for optical frames: TECHNO is the mask that can be worn together with one’s eyeglasses at the same time. This special technology thanks to a particular shape of the frame and a shaping of the sponge is the ultimate solution for those who use their own optical frames for skiing or snowboarding but at the same time want to use a photochromic lens for skiing or snowboarding.
The universal vision clip also exists. It can be inserted in all the models available on the market, thanks to its particular shape and its great elasticity, it allows easy insertion into any type of ski goggle Through its optic, it is possible to create and apply corrective lenses which will then be inserted into the photochromic ski goggle.

Universal optical clip for prescription lenses for all ski goggles

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