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Ski Goggles for Men and Women

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Skiing is adrenaline, speed, concentration and technique. The agonist or passionate skier wakes up when it is still dark to reach the ski facilities for their training session or the day on the snow. What agonists and enthusiasts have in common is the pleasant sensation of speed, the correct technical gesture, the jump, the fast “carve”, the pleasure of the mountain.

ski goggles for men and women
Skier wear ski goggles for taking a selfie

We at DEMON like you are passionate about skiing and the mountains, and we have created for Skiers and Amateurs a line of ski goggles for the perfect view of the slope and off slope, in all light and atmospheric conditions and at the same time provide maximum comfort.

Perfect UV protection:

It is essential to protect the eyes when exiting in the mountains and for skiing in the glacier in the high mountains.
– UV Stronger: In the high mountains, UVs are less shielded and are stronger. It is essential to better protect the eyes with suitable and quality filters to avoid eye irritation, often caused by the prolonged use of insufficient filters with extreme light conditions. In fact, the snow diverges the rays of light and UV, making a reflex effect from the bottom to the top. The filter must therefore contrast the UV rays from every direction. It will be essential, based on light conditions, to evaluate the color of the lens to wear.
– Snow monochromatism: Another fundamental aspect is the use of filters that contrast the monochromatism of snow and ice. It is essential to use high-contrast lenses that allow you to see: dips, bumps, and obstacles that we could encounter in the descent.
Another fundamental aspect is the protection against accidental impacts. All the lenses of the DEMON collection are made of anti-breaking polycarbonate, they are created to prevent the creation of plastic fragments that could damage the eye in the event of a strong impact. In fact, in the event of a strong impact, the lens distributes the shock throughout the surface forming a spider effect that prevents the creation of fragments, protecting the eye.

Equally important is the aspect of perfect vision, fundamental is to see the track in all light and atmospheric conditions. Each lens in the ski goggles collection is built with the following characteristic:
– Double lens and anti-fog treatment: The double lens of ski goggles combined with the anti-fog treatment plays a fundamental role for the perfect view of the slope and off-slope even in extreme conditions. The double lens is built to form a cavity effect between the external temperature difference and the internal temperature, effectively preventing and contrasting the creation of condensation in the internal surface that causes the lens to mist up. The anti-tarnishing treatment is a chemical treatment applied to the inner surface of the ski goggles lens to prevent tarnishing with the double lens.

– Ventilation of the frame: All the frames are equipped with ventilation holes that serve to increase the recirculation of air, favoring the escape of hot air contrasting with the double lens and the anti-fog treatment the annoying condensation that causes fogging.

– Ultralight and elastic frames: All the frames of ski goggles are built with ultralight and elastic materials. Resist without deformation at low temperatures, they are very elastic for the perfect fit to the face, they are equipped with a soft high-density hypoallergenic sponge that increases comfort and does not generate irritation with the skin even for very long use even in extreme conditions.
All ski goggles are equipped with adjustable elastic with silicone for more grip to the helmet, so the goggles will be very stable to the helmet even with strong vibrations or very fast movements of the head.
The ski goggles of the DEMON collection are compatible with every type of helmet on the market.

Recommended lens coloration according to weather conditions:

To face every light and atmospheric condition there are specific lenses (based on the lens color and characteristics) that provide the optimal view of the slope and off-slope, for perfect performance and visual safety. The high contrast category 2 orange lens mounted on some models of ski goggles from the DEMON collection has won several awards at European level as a lens with the best value for money on the market.

ski goggles magnetic frame Ski goggles with magnetic lens

Below we list the main light and atmospheric conditions with the types of lenses most suitable for perfect vision and safety:

– Snowfall / Fog / Night:

ski goggles for foggy days and night skiing

Lens: Transparent
To ensure perfect vision of the route in extreme conditions such as: snowfall or fog, but also for very special conditions such as night skiing we recommend the use of a transparent lens that forms a simple barrier without further darkening the vision.

Ski goggle for night skiing clear lenses matrix model matt black

– Cloudy and Sunny Weather:

Sky goggles for cloudy days

Lens: Orange / Blue / Pink
The increase in contrast that allows you to see depressions and bumps is essential in low light or medium intensity conditions.
Use: For those looking for a multipurpose ski goggles that adapts to a wide range of light and atmospheric conditions.
The ski goggles with Orange, Blue or Rosy lenses are suitable for the most varied lighting conditions because they are able to “lighten” and make the vision clearer in conditions of weak light but at the same time guarantee perfect vision while protecting the best eyes even in the most intense light conditions.
Also present in the collection is a model called MAGNET supplied with a mirrored smoke lens for very strong light conditions, and with an orange lens for the light conditions described above. Making the lens change is very simple and fast with magnetic supports that allow the lens to change in 3.8 seconds.
Models with Orange lenses are: MATRIX – SNOW OPTICAL 1 – RAPTOR – BUBBLE – PEAK
Models with Pink lenses are: TOP – TECHNO

ski goggle with orange lens peak model rubber white red

– Sunny weather and bright light:

Ski goggles for sunny days

For the intense light conditions, the best performance can be used for the most different types of lens coloration for ski goggles including: Orange, Pink, Brown, Smoke.
The peculiarity of the Pink and Brown lenses is the characteristic of being Polarized lenses, in fact they are able to reflect and diverge the reflections and contrast the transverse light rays providing a constant sensation of relaxation for the cocci even in very strong light conditions.
The smoke lens is also particularly recommended for very bright light conditions as it is the darkest filter for ski goggles currently on the market. This filter is particularly suitable for those who suffer from very intense light.
Use: Days with very intense sun
Models with smoke lenses: Overview – Nordic – Cylinder – Alpiner – MAGNET
Polarized brown lens models: Neu – Matrix – Peak

ski goggle with magnetic interchangeable lenses black blue

– All weather conditions:

If you are looking for a ski goggles that is able to protect your eyes in all weather and light conditions, the polarized photochromic lens is the lens you are looking for.
The polarized photochromic lens is currently the maximum technology in terms of ski goggles lenses. It consists of a double lens externally polarized and internally photochromatic. The lens darkens and becomes lighter depending on the light conditions that vary during the descent, will be dark during the light areas and will return clear in the shadow sections with surprising speed. We recommend the choice of the polarized photochromic lens for all the athletes who are looking for the best technology for their ski goggles, and who are looking for a dynamic lens that allows the perfect view of the track and off slope in all light conditions.

Neu photochromic polarized lenses ski goggle total black

For those who use eyeglasses:

For those who use eyeglasses DEMON has created a line called OTG (over the glasses) that allows the use of the goggles at the same time as its own optical frame. In fact, there is a particular shaping in the frame and in the sponge of some models of ski goggles. SNOW OPTICAL 1, BUBBLE (Great model for Women and Teenagers) and RAPTOR (for Ski and Snowboard), TECHNO (polarized photochromic ski goggles), ALPINER (for ski and snowboard with a full lens look) are models that support a fitted fit from sight. It is therefore possible to use ski goggles with your own optical frame without losing the look of the normal snow goggles, in shape and mirroring of the lens.

Click here for the complete collection of OTG ski goggles that can be used with sight frames.

otg ski goggles

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