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Kids ski goggles Orange Lenses

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Every skier or boarder knows the materials he uses to make his exit enjoyable and enjoyable. For all mountain lovers who share their output with their children, Demon has created a line for children’s ski and snowboard masks with high-contrast orange lenses for maximum eye protection and a perfect view of the route.

Kids ski goggles

Basic aspects:

• Color visual security (high visibility colors): Children are often not visible on the track, and often skiers and snowboarders collide with them. To significantly increase the visibility and visual detection of the child, we have created a series of baby ski and snowboard goggles with orange lenses and fluorescent colored frames with high visual impact. Studies have shown that using fluorescent clothing and accessories drastically decreases the accidental impact on the track with other skiers, as they are much more visible than neutral or standard colors.

• Unbreakable lens: The orange lens of child’s ski and snowboard goggles is unbreakable. Even in the case of very strong collisions, the lens does not break or create fragments that could damage your child’s eye. Often children are subject to falls or small collisions, it is essential in addition to the perfect vision of the path also the safety in case of impacts.

• Perfect view of the track: The high-contrast orange lens of the ski and snowboard masks for children allows you to see any wrinkles, gutters or depressions on the path.

The orange lens is optimal for many light and atmospheric conditions. It can be used for days of snow, fog, cloudy weather and sunny weather. Choosing this color allows the child to use only a mask for more light conditions.
We advise against this lens color for night skiing because it is too dark for artificial lighting.

• Unbreakable frame: As for the lens, the frame is also unbreakable and resistant to deformation even at low temperatures. The frame is supported by a soft, hypoallergenic, high density sponge.

Type of lenses:
The ski goggles for children with orange lenses have two different lens types according to the child’s needs:

• Single lens: The single orange lens is equipped with anti-fog treatment. This particular lens is generally used in competitions, because it is perfect for viewing distances and points to choose the ideal trajectory. However, it is less performing than the double lens in the case of a strong difference in temperature between the inner and outer surfaces, and it can slightly strain the eyes in the case of very strong solar light.
Click here for the model: SNOW 6

kids ski goggles orange lens snow 6 model

• Double lens: The double lens has numerous advantages over the single lens. In fact, a ski goggle for children with double orange lenses has a better resistance to fogging. The anti-fog treatment on the inner surface, combined with the double lens that acts as a cavity prevents the fogging of the inner surface of the lens even with very high temperature changes. The external lens is therefore isolated from the internal one, ensuring perfect relaxation for the child’s eyes and perfect thermal insulation.

Click here for the double lens model: SNOW 6 – MAGIC

kids ski goggles orange double lens

kids ski goggles orange lens snow 6 black

Other characteristics:

The ski goggles for children with orange lens is equipped with adjustable elastic, for greater adherence to any type of helmet. The frame is ventilated for both lens versions, perfecting the recirculation of air and further improving the resistance to fogging.

For the child wearing eyeglasses?

For the child who wears eyeglasses we have created a universal optical clip that can be removed at will and installed in a new ski goggle. Through your trusted optic you can create and insert the prescription lenses inside the optical clip.

Click here for more information on the Vista clip for ski goggle for children

Universal optical clip for prescription lenses for all ski goggles
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