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Ski Goggles for Kids

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Ski Goggles For Children and Teenager

For the child and teen masks there are some fundamental characteristics besides the same ones that involve the choice of a normal adult ski goggles.
This feature is high visibility, it is essential to provide the child with clothing and accessories to make it as visible as possible. Many clothing brands have created jackets, trousers, and helmets with high-visibility fluorescent colors to increase safety and make it easier to identify the child in the white of the track to avoid collisions. Even the baby masks are created with high visibility fluorescent colors to form the perfect match with high visibility clothing and accessories for the child.
It is also very important to provide the child with a perfect view of the track with high-contrast lenses that allow him to immediately identify bumps, depressions and potential dangers that he might encounter in the descent.

Ski goggles for kids
Kid wear ski goggle for kids

However, for children suffering in particular the very intense light is the model SNOW 6 Mirror with smoke lens indicated for days with very strong sun.

The baby masks are built with two different types of lenses:
– Double lens: Same lens mounted in all adult ski masks. The double lens represents the best technology for ski lenses for children, in fact it is the composition of two lenses that together form an interspace that isolates the external temperature from the internal one and combined with the anti-fog treatment of the internal surface of the lens contrasts and avoids the creation of condensation that causes fogging.
– Single lens: The single lens is generally used by athletes for competitions because it provides the perfect distance and depth, but can also be used for normal outings. The substantial difference with the double lens is the absence of ventilation holes on the lens, at the same time proves to be performing and safe in case of accidental impacts.
The lenses of the child ski goggles are made of anti-breaking polycarbonate, in case of accidental impact they do not generate fragments that could damage the eye but distribute the shock across the surface of the lens generating the spider effect that invalidates the lens.
All the lenses of the ski goggles for children are equipped with anti-fog treatment on the inner surface which prevents the formation of condensation which causes the lens to fade.

The frames are constructed with a special plastic composition that can withstand without deformation at low temperatures. In addition to its elasticity, the frame can withstand even very strong impacts without breakage. The high-density sponge is hypoallergenic and allows the use even very prolonged without irritation even in extreme conditions.
The sponge is shaped to guarantee perfect and constant adherence to the face and to prevent cold air from entering sideways.
The frames of the ski goggles for children are equipped with ventilation holes that provide the perfect air circulation for the best relaxation for the eyes, and at the same time they counteract the fogging.
Moreover, all the frames are compatible with all the helmets on the market.

The elastic is adjustable to allow the perfect fit with the helmet and prevent the movement of the mask with vibrations or fast movements of the head.

For the child who uses eyeglasses:

For the child who uses eyeglasses DEMON has created a universal optical clip, where, through his own trusted optic, it is possible to install prescription lenses. This technology has completely replaced the OTG goggles because it is much safer in case of accidental impacts because the rods of the optical frame are not present laterally.

Click here for more information on the universal optical clip for ski goggles for children

Universal optical clip for prescription lenses for all ski goggles

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