Frame Color: Rubber Black
Lenses: Mirrored Lens
Other: Double Lenses
Included: Microfiber Puch
Sport: Ski – Snowboard
Size: Width: 170mm; Height: 90mm

Product Overview


MASTER is the new model of the DMN line, it is the ski and snowboard goggle conceived and designed for any light condition. First quality materials, high technicality, and a very wide field of vision are the strengths that make MASTER the snow goggle par excellence. Those who ski or snowboard know very well the qualities that a goggle must have, in fact the first thing to evaluate when choosing a goggle is the adherence to the face. MASTER thanks to its great versatility and the special sponge is able to adapt perfectly to every type of face, confirming a comfort that will amaze you from the first moment. The design is studied in detail, the particular line will make you observe from the whole track, mirrors and colors in the latest fashion will certainly not make you go unnoticed.


The MASTER Mirrored Ski and Snowboard mask in size is ideal for the male face. The curvature of the frame combined with the soft high-density hypoallergenic sponge is built to better wrap the face without gaps of air to avoid annoying cold drafts during the descent and to better protect the most sensitive portion of the face to enjoy only the day.

The fit is optimal with all helmets on the market for perfect stability with your favorite helmet.


The lens is mirrored in high contrast orange color. The peculiarity of this lens is the high contrast generated by the coloring of the lens which allows you to identify more effectively: ripples, bumps and depressions.


The double shatterproof mirrored lens is constructed by overlapping two lenses that form an effective barrier to counteract the strong thermal difference between the external surface of the first lens and the internal surface of the second, protecting the eyes from even very strong impacts without breaking and creating condensation on the inner surface.


The absence of ventilation holes on the lens allows optimal use even in fresh snow, ideal for those who also practice off-piste.


The lens of the mirrored ski and snowboard goggle is also equipped with an anti-fog treatment that is ideal for all temperatures, from the coldest with strong temperature differences between the external and internal surfaces of the lens to the warmest ones.

The anti-fog treatment prevents the formation of condensation on the internal surface of the lens which limits visibility and forces the athlete to stop and remove the mask to clean the lens.


The frame is ultra-elastic and resistant, it is also equipped at the top and bottom with ventilation holes for air recirculation. The perfect ventilation not only keeps the eye in a constant feel of relaxation but also counteracts the fogging of the internal surface.


The high-density non-allergenic multi-layer sponge increases the comfort of the mask during fitting and prevents cold air from reaching the face because it conforms to the face in a delicate way.


The elastic is equipped with a practical adjustment system and a practical silicone support that increases the grip on the helmet, preventing the mask from moving from the face even with very abrupt vibrations, typical of fast carving or high-speed descents.


The measurements of the photochromic ski and snowboard goggles are:

Width: 170mm; Height: 90mm;


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