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Supports Wide-sized optical frames – For example, fits a 14.00cm WID x 5.00cm HEIGHT optical frame perfectly


Frame Color: Matt Black Red / Matt Black Blue
Lenses: Blue / Pink Mirror
Other: Double Lenses
Included: Microfiber Puch
Sport: Ski – Snowboard
Size: Width: 185mm; Height: 95mm

Product Overview


Snowboarding is technique, speed, fun, pure adrenaline. The thrill of carving , off-piste buoyancy, the jump, the successful trick.
The Rider who practices Snowboarding knows very well the importance of using suitable and avant-garde materials for increased performance and maximum safety on the track, in order to have fun all day long.
Demon has created the OTG Snowboard Goggle for the BIG SKY Rider.
The BIG SKY goggle can be worn with your own optical frame during Snowboarding in complete safety for the eyes and comfort.

OTG (Over The Glasses) means the high compatibility of the product in the simultaneous use with prescription glasses.
This makes it possible to practice your favorite sport with maximum comfort and the perfect vision of the track and off-piste that only your own prescription glasses can offer. The OTG Snowboard goggles looks like normal Snow goggles, there are special shaped parts in the sponge profile and in some models even the frame is specially shaped for the allocation of your optical frame.

Supports Wide-sized optical frames – For example, fits a 14.00cm WID x 5.00cm HEIGHT optical frame perfectly

Using an OTG Snowboard Goggle allows the Rider not to have to use graded clips during skiing, but you can simply wear your vision frame simultaneously with the Snowboard goggle.

In addition to the perfect vision during the ride, the benefits extend even when, for example, you stop for lunch or a beer in a cabin. If we used a graded view clip for snow goggle, we would be forced to have our optical frame in our pocket or backpack, instead choosing an OTG Snowboard goggle, simply remove the mask and continue to wear only your own glasses.

The lens of the Snowboard goggle for prescription glasses can vary from Blue to Pink based on the chosen version. Both lenses are high-contrast and allow the Rider to better identify bumps, ripples and depressions compared to goggles with common lenses.
Both colors help keep the eye relaxed from the visual stress caused by the snow monochrome.

The lens of the snowboard goggle for prescription glasses is resistant to impacts and accidental bumps.
It is a double lens, that is an overlap of two lenses that primarily absorb impacts, secondly they are used to isolate the external surface and the inner surface of the lens, effectively counteracting the creation of condensation (fogging).
The inner surface is equipped with anti-fog treatment to better counter fogging, and the lens is equipped with 6 ventilation holes for maximum relaxation for the eyes.

The frame is made of elastic material, soft and at the same time resistant.
Resists effectively at high and low temperatures without deformation.
Wraps and protects the face for a perfect fit. It adapts to every type of helmet on the market.
It is equipped with ventilation holes in the lower and upper part to increase transpiration.

The hypoallergenic soft sponge is high density multilayer and has the task of favoring the perfect fit avoiding drafts of cold air that could cause fogging and a decrease in comfort.

Otg Snowboard goggle big sky model
Boarder wear OTG snowboard goggle

The elastic is adjustable for maximum stability with every helmet on the market, equipped with a soft silicone support for maximum stability of the OTG Snowboard goggle on the helmet even with strong vibrations, typical of carvings or jumps.

The OTG Snowboard goggle for prescription glasses BIG SKY is created for the Rider who looks for a Snowboard goggle with high technicality and at the same time fashionable for the Snowboarder look.


The sizes of the Snowboard goggle for prescription glasses are:
Width: 185mm; Height: 95mm;


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