Clear Lenses





Frame Color: Matt Black / Matt Blue
Lenses: Transparent
Other: Double Lenses
Included: Microfiber Puch
Sport: Ski – Snowboard
Size: Width: 174mm; Height: 97mm

Product Overview


Ski goggle for fog and snowfall for maximum eye safety in low light conditions on the slope.

ski goggles for snowy days

PEAK is the new DEMON model with transparent lens designed and built for use in conditions of poor visibility. Due to the peculiarity of the lens PEAK allows the skier to better face prohibitive atmospheric conditions such as snow and fog, without any alteration of the colors or added darkness in the vision of the track.

Ski slope during snowfall where you can use a ski goggle with a transparent lens

The transparent lens in ski goggles is used by professionals in races, because it allows to  see perfectly  track conditions with uncertain weather , but it can also be used by agonists or simple enthusiasts to better protect the eyes in days with low light or unfavorable weather conditions.

ski goggles with clear lens for foggy days

Top quality materials (frames and lenses with high resistance to impacts and very low temperatures without deformation, high technicality, very wide lateral field of view, comfort and compatibility with every helmet on the market make PEAK the ski goggle for snow and fog ideal for every skier, from the professional, agonist or from the simple enthusiast who wants to practice the discipline even in conditions of prohibitive light and atmospheric conditions, and often typical variables of the mountain.

ski goggles with clear lens for night skiing

The fit to the face of the ski goggle for snow and fog is designed to better protect against the cold and humidity, moreover the goggle prevents snow and wet snow drops from coming into contact with the eyes during skiing guaranteeing perfect comfort and protection for the eyes.

Technical features:

The ski goggle for snow and fog protects against UV rays thanks to the special Double Lens anti-fog transparent category 1.

Usable for all low light conditions:

– Night skiing

– Skiing during snowfall

– Skiing on a foggy day


The anti-fog treatment in the surface of the double internal lens (structure created to contrast the external and internal temperature difference that generally in the case of a strong difference involves the creation of condensation in the inner surface). The anti-fog treatment effectively counteracts the creation of condensation on the inner surface of the lens, guaranteeing perfect vision at any temperature and even prohibitive atmospheric condition.

The lens is made of top-quality polycarbonate, allowing perfect vision without alteration of colors or perception of depth (fundamental for maximum safety in technical gestures).

The lens protects better from accidental impacts without breaks, so even for off-piste sections in the forest the eye is always protected even from very strong impacts.


Ski goggle for night skiing transparent lens

The frame is elastic and resistant without deformation, equipped with soft hypoallergenic high-density sponge for maximum and comfortable adaptation to every face.

The side wings favor the optimal adaptation to every type of helmet, from the ski with rigid ear, to the snowboard helmet with soft ear.

The increased mounting holes allow greater ventilation for the eyes allowing you to have that constant sense of relaxation that lasts until the last descent. Considering that the lens is not equipped with ventilation holes to prevent the snow from entering and melting between the two lenses forming halos that worsen the correct vision.

The elastic is adjustable and has a soft silicone grip section for maximum stability to the helmet even in the case of very strong vibrations or accidental impacts.

Supplied in soft microfiber case to protect from smears and clean the lens of your DMN goggle.

DEMON’s mission is the creation of ski goggles for snowfall and fog with the best quality-price ratio on the market that provides the perfect view of the slope to the skier in any light and atmospheric condition.

The dimensions of the ski goggle for fog and snowfall are: Width: 174mm; Height: 97mm


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