Clear Lenses





Weight: 75 grams
Lenses: Clear Lens
Other: Double Lenses
Included: Microfiber Puch
Sport: Mountaineering – Backcountry sky
Size: Width: 170mm; Height: 95mm

Product Overview

Mask for Mountaineering and Backcountry Ski with clear lens

GRAVITY is the mountaineering and backcountry ski goggle with perfect clear lens, in fact it is created by completely removing the frame structure to contain the total weight and increasing comfort in the fit; using the double spherical lens to increase the field of vision, therefore allowing the athlete to see every detail of his path.

Ski goggle for mountaineering and backcountry ski clear lens for bad weather and night

The double lens with anti-fog treatment is a special lens that ensures greater resistance to shocks and prevents the annoying condensation effect caused by the thermal excursion between the heat of the face and the external temperature.


The transparent color of the lens allows perfect visibility on days with very variable weather conditions (bad weather). In fact, in the high mountains the weather is particularly variable, it is therefore necessary to use a lens that can guarantee perfect vision even with brightness. The transparent lens is also perfect for protecting the eyes even at night, for departures to the summit before dawn.


The ventilation of the lens (12 holes) and of the frame offer the athlete a constant sense of relaxation for the eyes, which often fails with the use of masks that are not suitable for the very particular conditions of the high mountains.


The soft internal sponge represents the fulcrum; in fact, it is created in ultra-soft material to allow the ski goggle  to adhere better to your face. In particular, the nose area is treated to lead to correct breathing and not to the unpleasant sensation of being closed.


A gap is created between the face and the ski goggle that allows proper ventilation, and at the same time retains heat.


The elastic is adjustable for the best fit to your face in all circumstances, it is also embroidered with a 3D effect to be aesthetically perfect as well as functional.


GRAVITY is compatible with all helmets for mountaineering and backcountry ski, and is also compatible with classic ski helmets with rigid ear.


GRAVITY is the choice for those who want the best in technology to practice their favorite sport.

Supplied with soft microfiber case to protect against smears and clean the lens of your DMN goggle

The measurements of the mountaineering and backcountry ski goggle with transparent lens are:

Width: 170mm; Height: 95mm

Lens: Smoke Mirror Category 3


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