Polarized Lenses





Frame Color: Matt White / Matt Black
Lenses: Orange Polarized
Other: Double Lenses
Included: Microfiber Puch
Sport: Ski – Snowboard
Size: Width: 140mm; Height: 85mm

Product Overview


The alarm that rings early in the morning, stop for breakfast along the road, arrive before everyone else to be able to enjoy the first descents and be the first to descent on an early morning smooth slope. The sun begins to heat up; the wind caresses the face, the technical carving, the speed, the braking. Adrenaline. Arrive at the hut to enjoy an ice-cold beer and eat a sandwich in the sun. This is the day of a snow lover. That turns a day on the snow into pure fun. Skiers have needs that simple eyeglasses do not satisfy. When small parts of powdery snow jump on the face, the mask is the only solution to see clearly. Therefore, the necessity for better protection increases with greater speed. DMN has created THUNDER, a ski goggle for women and teenagers with double polarized lenses.



The THUNDER polarized lens ski goggle for women and teenagers protects from UV rays thanks to the special high-contrast Orange Category 2 anti-fog double lens. This particular lens performs significant functions and it is no coincidence that it is reputed one of the best lens on the market. First, the particular color creates a greater contrast that allows you to see every ripple of the snow even in moments of low light. In addition, the Orange lens allows for longer use as even at the end of the day, when the brightness of the slopes is low, it continues to work, creating contrast, allowing you to see the track better than the common category 3 smoke lenses.


The polarized lenses are made of polycarbonate, which leads to a reduction in weight and considerable flexibility and resistance to accidental impact.

The main advantages of using a polarized lens are:

-Better perception of contrast sharper vision

-No modification of natural colors

-Elimination of transverse reflections


The anti-fog treatment in combination with the double lens prevents the formation of condensation on the inside, caused by the temperature difference, which generates fogging of the lens. The spherical lens in addition to the aesthetic factor allows you to create a frame that best suits the physiognomy of the face.


The frame is ultra-light, elastic and resistant to high and low temperatures as well as accidental impacts, and represents a guarantee in its structure reduced to the bare minimum, in order to expand the field of vision and offer greater safety from side impacts. The larger holes in the frame allow for greater ventilation for the eyes, allowing you to have that constant sense of relaxation that lasts until the last descent.

The side flaps combined with the adjustable 3D elastic allow perfect adaptation to any type of helmet.


Supplied with soft microfiber case to protect against smears and clean the lens of your DMN mask.


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