Polarized Lenses





Frame Color: Matt White / Matt Black / Crystal Black Green
Lenses: Polarized Orange Mirror
Other: Double Lenses
Included: Microfiber Puch
Sport: Ski – Snowboard
Size: Width: 173mm; Height: 87mm

Product Overview


The alarm that rings early in the morning, stop for breakfast along the way, get there first of all to enjoy the first descents and be the first to ski on the fresh snow slope . The sun begins to warm up, the wind caresses the face, the technical “carve”, the speed, the braking. Adrenaline. Get to the lodge to enjoy a cold beer and eat a sandwich in the sun. This is the day of the snow enthusiast. What turns a day on the snow in pure fun. Whoever has needs that can not be filled with the use of glasses. When small pieces of powder snow jump on the face the ski goggle is the only solution to not be blinded. So the need for a wider protection than sports eyewear increases with increasing speed. DEMON has created a model for skiers with a double polarized lens.


Technical features:

The polarized lenses of ski goggles are made of polycarbonate, which means a reduction in weight and considerable flexibility and resistance to accidental impacts. The double anti-fog lens with ventilation holes makes it possible to better contrast the difference in external cold and hot internal temperatures, reducing the possibility of creating that annoying layer of internal condensation.

The polarized lens with a brown base color filters out UV rays and is suitable for sunny days, but can also be used in cloudy weather. in fact, it has numerous advantages including:

– Better contrast perception clearer vision
– No modification of natural colors
– Elimination of transversal reflections

In fact, it allows you to see every snow ripple, with a consequent drastic increase in track safety. The side wings allow the mask to adapt to the best helmet type. The combination with the adjustable elastic band embroidered in 3D create the best conditions for a fit of excellence. The frame is reduced to the minimum necessary to be as light as possible and at the same time to provide a wide field of vision that involves greater security from side obstacles. The frame is also equipped with special sections to increase ventilation and, in addition to counteract the fogging, to ensure those who use the snow mask with polarized lens that pleasant feeling of relaxation for the eyes. The soft hypoallergenic sponge is the fulcrum of comfort, and is studied in measures and consistency to best adapt to every facial appearance, especially in the area of ​​the nose to allow optimal breathing.

The polarized lens mounted on ski goggles is the most restful lens for your eyes at the market level. It is a must for those looking for maximum performance looking for the best comfort and maximum security for their eyes.

Comes with a soft microfiber case to protect against smears and clean the lens of your DEMON mask.

DEMON is the solution to what you are looking for. Maximum performance without giving up.


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