Photochromic Lenses





Frame Color: Rubber Blue / Rubber Black / Rubber White
Lenses: Photochromic Lens
Other: Double Lenses
Included: Microfiber Puch
Sport: Ski – Snowboard
Size: Width: 165mm; Height: 90mm

Product Overview


Alpine Skiing or Downhill Skiing is a discipline that requires physical preparation and appropriate equipment.
Regardless of whether the athlete is an agonist or a simple enthusiast who spends his day of fun on the slopes and off-piste , it is essential to use suitable materials and equipment that guarantee maximum safety.
To best protect your eyes DEMON has created CLASS, the ski goggles with photochromic lens with high impact resistance for maximum eye safety.

CLASS is the new Alpine ski goggles for men and women for the 2019/2020 winter season.
The ski goggles is equipped with a double high-resistance lens, essential for those who practice Alpine skiing on the slopes and off-piste. In the event of an accidental impact, even very strong, the lens does not create fragments that could come into contact with the eyes. The characteristic of the double lens, two overlapping lenses, effectively dampens the impact and protects the eyes of the athlete.

The double lens also serves to counter fogging, in fact it forms a real barrier between the temperature of the external surface and the internal temperature, counteracting the formation of condensation.
It has an internal anti-fog treatment surface for greater effectiveness.

The Alpine ski goggles for men and women is equipped with a photochromic lens.
The photochromic lens exposed to UV radiation or sunlight generally initiates a reversible chemical reaction and darkens. Once the light irradiation disappears, the lens gradually returns to the initial state of transparency.
The peculiarity of the photochromic lens of the CLASS model descent ski goggles is the orange color.
The lens has a high contrast characteristic, in fact it allows to identify in a faster way: depressions, ripples and bumps in the snow monochromatism. This feature greatly helps the athlete on the track and off-piste.
When the mask darkens it maintains an orange color with consequent maintenance of the high contrast characteristic.

Choosing a Alpine ski goggles with photochromic lens allows the athlete to have the constant and perfect view of the course at every change of light and in all weather conditions.
In the case of entry into the woodland area, the lens will return to its original color and darken to ensure maximum relaxation for the eyes.

The frame is soft and elastic and resistant to impacts. It is created to wrap the face in the best way and adapt to every helmet on the market. The frame is supported by a soft multi-layer high density hypoallergenic sponge. The importance of the sweat sponge in the first place is to improve the comfort and fit of the photochromic Alpine ski goggles, and also protect the face from drafts of cold air thanks to perfect adherence to the face.

By size the Alpine ski goggles is intermediate, so it is optimal for both the male face and the female face.

The elastic is adjustable for perfect comfort while wearing the helmet and it is also equipped with a silicone support for maximum adherence to the helmet, even with strong vibrations typical of carving and fast descent.

The sizes of the Alpine ski goggle with photochromic lens for men and women are:
Width: 165mm; Height: 90mm


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Photochromic Lenses

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