Orange Single Lens





Frame Color: Orange Fluo Safety / Lime Fluo Safety / Fucsia Fluo Safety / Green Fluo Safety / Blue / White / Black
Lenses: Orange
Other: Single Lens
Included: Microfiber Puch
Sport: Ski – Snowboard
Size: Width: 157mm; Height: 77mm

Product Overview

Technical features:

SNOW 6 is the proposal of DEMON for those who want a ski goggle with a single lens composed of first quality materials at the best price on the market. SNOW 6 filters UV rays thanks to the single Orange category 2 lens with anti-fog treatment. This particular lens prevents the formation of condensation caused by the difference in external / internal temperature that generates fogging. The Orange lens as well as allowing the vision of the ripples and valleys can be used with all weather conditions, in fact it can be used both for sunny days, for those cloudy and with low light.

The ultralight frame is equipped with holes to increase the internal ventilation and give that pleasant feeling for the eyes that prolongs during the day. The frame is created to withstand strong changes in temperature typical of the mountain, it is also resistant to tractions and accidental impacts.

SNOW 6 is also created with high visibility fluorescent colors to increase safety. In fact, it is shown that using high visibility and fluorescent colors for clothing, accessories and protections involves a reduction in the risk of accidental impact on the track in a remarkable way, drastically reducing the risk of accidents.

Comes with a soft microfiber case to protect against smears and clean the lens of your DEMON ski goggle.


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Orange Single Lens

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