2 Lenses Included



Frame Color: Carbon / White
 Smoke Mirror
Included: Additional Orange lens, Microfiber Puch
Sport: Nordic Ski
Size: Width: 177mm; Height: 80mm

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Skiing as a means of travel was born from the need of the Nordic and Asian peoples to be able to move around areas covered by snow for many months of the year. Initially they were pieces of bark, and intertwined branches that looked more like snowshoes to float above the fresh snow and using rudimentary sticks as support and thrust. The continuous evolution caused by different uses (such as hunting, and for long journeys) led the Nordic peoples to revolutionize creating real wooden cross country skis that represent the ancestors of the current skis that are used today.

Cross-country skiing is a sport of great difficulty, and the disciplines that make it up are really many: Time trial start, start in line, “gimkana”, “granfondo-endurance”, skiathlon, sprint, relay and many others. In addition, other variants have been included as in the Biathlon, where there is the use of the rifle.

Specific technical materials are required for the world of cross-country skiing and biathlon. DMN has created a line of technical masks for cross-country skiing and Biathlon with interchangeable lenses and technology for the vertical displacement of the lens as protection from snow or when firing with the rifle.

Cross countr ski mask

Technical features:

The NORDIC cross-country ski mask filters out UV rays and guarantees perfect vision thanks to the high-quality anti-fog lens category 3 in high-quality polycarbonate. Also included is the interchangeable orange lens category 2 high contrast for the days of fog or snowfall.

Orange lens for cross country skiing

The frame is ultra-light and resistant to high and low temperatures, it is also designed to withstand the stresses that it undergoes when changing lenses. The nose pad is made of soft hypoallergenic rubber and is designed to allow the best breathing during sports practice.

The soft anti-allergic sponge is designed to allow the frame to adhere perfectly to the face, especially in times when the front is reclined. The adjustable elastic covers therefore the fundamental role to keep the mask anchored to the face.

Thanks to the mobile lens in height, in the case of snow it is possible to adjust the lens so that it offers excellent protection, it is also the technical and practical solution for the practice of Biathlon.

Comes with a soft microfiber case to protect against smears and clean the lens of your DMN mask.

DMN is the answer to the needs of athletes – professionals, enthusiasts or simply enthusiasts – who never stop, who want to go further, overcome the most extreme limits.


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2 Lenses Included

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