Interchangeable DCHANGE Lenses





Frame Color: Crystal / Shiny Yellow Fluo / Matt Black

Lenses: Interchangeable DCHCANGE Lenses

Other: Adjustable Nosepad

Included: Orange lens, Clear Lens, Microfiber Puch

Sport: Running – Triathlon

Size: Width: 140mm; Height: 50mm; Temple Lenght: 120mm; Lens Base: 8

Product Overview


Running on the road is the essence of running that recalls big feats and exploits of the past of great runners. The athlete who is an amateur or professional during the trip often identifies with their idols having fun each step. Regardless of the level, each athlete knows how important it is to use technical materials to better protect themselves and increase their performance.

DEMON has created VISUAL, the mask for running and triathlon with interchangeable mirrored lenses for maximum protection from the air and aggressive look typical of the new running masks.

For maximum performance and protection, it is therefore essential to use a mask for running and triathlon that protects effectively from the air and protects against all the projections (insects, dust, etc.) faced during your run.

It is also essential that the lens of the mask for running and triathlon is unbreakable. The impact resistance without breakage is an essential feature for every cyclist who seeks maximum and total protection for his eyes from his glasses.

The #3 interchangeable lenses supplied provide the athlete with perfect vision of the road in all weather and atmospheric conditions.

Running and triathlon mask visual interchangeable dchange lenses

Technical features:

The runner is very demanding in terms of lightness; in fact, any unnecessary weight eliminated. The VISUAL frame for running and triathlon glasses is in TR90 a special composition of Nylon and carbon fiber. This material makes technical running glasses 20% lighter than conventional materials. It also makes it more resistant to accidental impacts and mechanical traction (such as changing the lenses, which generates a flexion of the frame). The increase is also significant for its duration over time.

The lenses are made of top quality polycarbonate and filter UV rays. There are #3 lenses exchanged according to the weather conditions or the time of use.

– Smoke lens category 3: It is the mirrored lens mounted as a base in technical glasses; it produces maximum performance on very sunny days with strong light intensity, but used with variable cloudy conditions.

– Orange lens category 2: Flash mirror, it is the high contrast lens if your exit contains many shaded areas. Generally used in heavily cloudy weather.

 – Transparent lens category 1: This particular lens used at night and acts as a simple protection from the air or on rainy days always as protection from water and air.

Supplied with soft microfiber case to protect against scratches and clean the lenses of your DEMON glasses.

Nothing  eft  to chance, every detail is studied to increase performance, such as the slight inclination of the lenses to ensure better air circulation between your eyes and the lens, fighting the possibility of fogging. In addition, a better airflow allows greater relaxation of the eyes.

No waiver. Maximum performance always. Demonize Yourself.

Width: 140mm; Height: 50mm; Rod Length: 120mm; Lens base: 8


Products always shipped in their original packaging. For some models, the color or shape of the case may differ from that shown.


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Interchangeable DCHANGE Lenses

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