Photochromic DCHROM Lenses Cat.1-3





Frame Material: TR90 Ultralight

Frame Color: Carbon Red – Matt Black – Carbon Blue Pink – Carbon Blue Yellow – Neon Yellow – Neon Green – Shiny White

Lenses: Photochromic DCHROM Lenses

Other Features: 32 grams of weight

Included: Microfiber Pouch

Sport: Running – Trail Running – Cross Country

Fit: Unisex

Size: Frame Width: 142mm; Height: 40mm – Temple Lenght: 118mm; Lens Base: 8

Product Overview

DCHROM is the evolution of photochrominc lenses for Running and Trail Running Sunglasses 832 model

The emotion of the wind on your face, the satisfaction that you feel in escaping from busy schedules to get on the bike. Those who practice running know how important the best materials are to enjoy the activity and improve their performance.

DEMON has created 832 for running enthusiasts who practice road running, trail running and for all related disciplines that require eye protection, a line of technical running glasses.

The minimal design eyewear weighs 30 grams and is equipped with DCHROM photochromic lenses to allow the athlete who uses it to focus solely on performance since the lenses will automatically adapt to each change of light and exceptional stability and comfort. The uses of these running glasses with DCHROM photochromic lenses are the most varied. Born as a sports eyewear, then for technicality used in all the disciplines of the race because it is super light and comfortable, therefore used for any discipline that involves eye protection.

Running and trail running and cross country sunglasses 832 model dchrom photochromic lenses



  • Running on the road: 832 DCHROM is highly appreciated for the practice of running on the road for its absolute lightness, and for comfort and protection from the air. Equipped with DCHROM photochromic lenses that adapt to the various light changes of the path. The wraparound shape increases the stability of the eyewear face, allowing you to enjoy training or the race by focusing on performance. Optimal ventilation that counteracts fogging even in the slowest ascent phases.
  • Trail Running: For Trail Running 832 is the right eyewear! The photochromic lens lightens and darkens depending on the direct light ensuring maximum protection of harmful UV rays to your eyes. The unbreakable lens protects against accidental impacts (even very strong) without breakage. The photochromic lens has a slightly veiled starting color, ideal for very dense forest areas and returns with the sun already set.
  • Cross-country: For the cross-country as for the road race, the lightness and stability of the glasses are the masters. Ideal for protection from insects, dust and mud to allow the athlete to focus only on performance.


Technical characteristics and use:

The NEW DCHROM Photochromic lenses are lenses, which exposed to UV radiation or sunlight in general, initiate a reversible chemical reaction and darken. Once the light irradiation disappears, the lenses gradually return to the initial state of transparency. They are made of first quality polycarbonate. This material has two very important technical aspects: it significantly reduces the weight of the lens compared to conventional materials; it also represents a safety in the event of an impact, as it will not generate any type of fragments that could damage the eye. These high-tech filters also protect against UV rays, confirming a certainty in the field of protection as well as from the point of view of comfort.

photochromic dchrom lenses for running and trail running sunglasses

The New DCHROM lenses are the evolution of the photochromic lens, they start from a slightly darker base than the other photochromic lenses to reach category 3 during maximum work.

In addition to the remarkable speed of light and dark change, they will surprise you for the remarkable sense of relaxation that they can provide to your eyes, even on days with very strong solar radiation.

DCHROM lenses Logo

The frame created in TR90, a special composition of Carbon Fiber and Nylon. This special material makes running and trail running glasses 20% lighter than conventional materials and more resistant to accidental impacts and mechanical traction. It is no coincidence that the total 30 grams of weight are associated with the TR90 of the frame and the top quality polycarbonate of the lenses.

The minimal design not only for weight reduction, but also for having a smaller surface resting on the face, exponentially increasing its fit and comfort.

The nose pads are made of soft hypoallergenic rubber; a special section of the same composition material with very high grip inserted in the temples to prevent all those micro-movements that could occur in sudden movements, vibrations or jumps. Every detail studied by DEMON to offer you the maximum technicality in the field of running glasses.

Nothing left to chance but it is the result of studies and designs.


Supplied with soft microfiber case to protect against scratches and clean the lenses of your DEMON glasses.

DEMON’s goal in creating 832 is to provide the athlete with running glasses with DCHROM photochromic lenses that he does not even notice he is wearing.

Comfort is essential for prolonged use, 832 created to amaze from the first fit. You can no longer do without it.

No waiver. Maximum performance always.


Width: 142mm; Height: 40mm

Rod Length: 118mm; Lens base: 8

Products shipped always in their original packaging. For some models, the color or shape of the case may differ from that shown.


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Photochromic DCHROM Lenses Cat.1-3

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