CLIP IN for prescription lenses included
Interchangeable DCHANGE Lenses






Frame Color: Black Green / Black Grey / Ligh Blue

Lenses: Smoke Mirror Lens

Other: Adjustable Nosepad

Included: Clip In, Orange lenses, Clear Lenses, Hard Case, Soft Sponge

Sport: Cycling – Running – All Sports

Size: Frame Width: 146mm; Height: 46mm – Temple Lenght: 132mm; Lens Base: 8

Optical Clip Size: Lens Height: 30mm; Lens Lenght: 47mm; Lens Base: 6

Other Optical Clip Info: Maximum sphere +/- 8.00 and Cylinder (astigmatism) +/- 2.00

Product Overview

Sports prescription glasses for the practice of any sport


The sports eyeglasses for sight practicing any outdoor sport that can be used in all light and atmospheric conditions and in every season of the year.
The particularity of this  prescription sport glass , is the series of included accessories that allow you to change the structure of the glasses according to the specific discipline. INFINITE is therefore the technical sports prescription glasses for the practice of any sport.

The vision clip supplied accessory (removable at will) allows the athlete to use prescription lenses during the practice of his favorite activity but using a technical eyewear and not a common optical frame.

Sport prescription glasses dchrom with optical clip infinite optic model

Types of sport:

  • Hiking: INFINITE proves to be an excellent eyewear for hiking because it is equipped with technologies particularly appreciated by mountain lovers. The frame is wrapping and prevents light from filtering laterally and from the top. The smoke lens does not alter natural colors in any way, and in case of need for poor visibility it is possible to use the orange lens for cloudy weather and the transparent lens for night or low light. The sponge sweat removable as well as prevent the light filters from the top protects the eyes from sweat in great difficulty stages. The removable rods allow the allocation of the elastic cord, ideal for those who practice climbing at lower elevations or simply for the hiker who seeks greater grip from their prescription glasses for hiking.
  • Running and Cycling: Cyclists and Runners have very similar needs, INFINITE is equipped with frames and wraparound lenses that protect the eyes at high and low speeds and protect against projections such as dust and leaves, branches and insects. The frame is ultra-light and elastic for perfect comfort during sports. The lenses are made of anti-break polycarbonate for maximum eye protection in the event of accidental impact, even very strong. The supplied lenses (orange and transparent) allow use in all weather and light conditions. For the athlete who suffers particularly the beads of sweat from his forehead fall on the eyes in the towel sweat band is confirmed as the winning solution. 
  • Beach Volleyball: For Beach Volleyball, category 3 smoke lenses are ideal for very strong sunny days due to the strong reverberation of the sand and guarantee maximum protection in the event of accidental impact thanks to the unbreakable lens material. The frame is ultra-elastic and resistant to impacts. The stability of the frame is fundamental to sudden and sudden movements and strong vibrations, to increase stability it is also possible to remove the rods and mount the elastic band. 
  • Water Sports: In addition to the above described characteristics of wrapping and protection, the elastic band and the sweat sponge are particularly appreciated by those who practice water sports, in fact they protect from water splashes and keep the glasses anchored to the face in case of falling into the water.
  • Ski and cross-country skiing: It can be the perfect alternative to the ski goggles and the cross-country ski goggles. Removing the rods and mounting the elastic band will effectively increase the hold of the glasses even in the case of strong vibrations.
  • Tennis: also excellent for tennis because the close-view clip allows a side view, and the spare lenses allow you to play indoor and outdoor with any light condition. Sport sunglasses with removable temples interchangeable lenses infinite optic rx model


    The category 3 mirrored lens offers UV protection. Externally it is the super mirror that will hide the optical clip. The new generation lens allows HD viewing. The definition, the perfect contrast of natural colors and the perfect vision even in shaded areas will surprise you making it even more enjoyable to practice your favorite sport. Polycarbonate, a construction material, provides safety in the event of accidental impacts, in fact it does not generate fragments, protecting your eyes as well. The supplied Orange lens is recommended for low light days with cloudy or rainy weather.

Photochromic sports glasses dchrom lenses infinite optic rx

The ultra-light material of the frame is the TR90, a special composition of Carbon Fiber and Nylon.
It represents a must for those looking for sports glasses with vision clips. This material makes the glasses for every sport with vision clip 20% lighter than conventional materials, more resistant to accidental impacts and tractions (assembly and disassembly of sweat sponge, optical clip or rods). It also increases its durability over time.

The removable internal view clip is in base 6. The wide visual radius, thanks to the larger dimensions than the other view clips. The material is the same as the frame, to limit its weight and maintain maximum strength and durability over time.
The rods are removable, so it is possible to mount the elastic band for playing sports where greater grip is needed.
The removable internal sweat sponge is made of soft an allergic material, to ensure maximum comfort even for prolonged use and to prevent sweat from reaching the eyes.
Included in the price: Adjustable elastic band, Hard case (to better protect your multisport glasses), View Clip (on which your trusted optician will insert Graduate lenses) and High contrast Orange Lens.


The measures of the Clip are: Lens Height: 30mm; Lens length: 47mm; Lens Base: 6.
It is possible to mount lenses with graduations of your own trusted optic: maximum spheres +/- 8.00 and cylinder (astigmatism) +/- 2.00. The sizes of the glasses are: Width: 146mm; Height: 46mm Shaft Length: 132mm; Base Lens: 8

The products are always sent in their original packaging. For some models the color or shape of the case may differ from that shown.


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CLIP IN for prescription lenses included
Interchangeable DCHANGE Lenses

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