CLIP IN for prescription lenses included
Interchangeable DCHANGE Lenses

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Frame Material: TR90 Ultralight

Frame Color: Shiny Black – Shiny White – Neon Yellow

Lenses: Category 3 Smoke Mirror Lenses

Other Features: Adjustable Nosepad

Included: Clip In, Orange Cat.2 Lenses, Clear Lenses category 1, Hard Case

Sport: Cycling, Running, All Sports

Fit: Unisex

Size: Frame Width: 142mm; Height: 42mm – Temple Lenght: 121mm; Lens Base: 8

Optical Clip Size: Lens Height: 30mm; Lens Lenght: 44mm; Lens Base: 6.

Other Optical Clip Info: Maximum sphere +/- 8.00 and Cylinder (astigmatism) +/- 2.00

Product Overview


For many athletes the difficulty of using contact lenses for the practice of their favorite sport is very high, and represents a problem that causes many doubts on how to best solve this need. DEMON has thought of those who wear eyeglasses on a daily basis, creating sports eyewear with an internal view clip with a wide field of view to allow the sportsman who uses it to concentrate solely on performance, fully experiencing the emotions that derive from practicing their favorite sport. in complete freedom of expression.

Technical Characteristics Sports glasses with clip view

The model of FUSION Sports Sunglasses with Interchangeable lenses offers protection for UV rays and a perfect vision thanks to the anti-break, decentralized and optically perfect polycarbonate lenses of first quality.

The highest quality mirrored category 3 lens designed for speed sports. It therefore offers considerable protection from air and possible lateral obstacles such as leaves and branches when mountain biking in forest areas. Included in the supplied lens package are: Orange category 2 pair, excellent for low light conditions, such as for cloudy weather, or rain. Also included are the pair of Transparent lenses category 1, suitable for conditions of very low brightness, or use at night.

The ultra-light and elastic material of the frame is the TR90, a special composition made of Carbon Fiber and Nylon, which effectively increases its resistance to accidental impacts and the traction that occurs during the lens assembly / disassembly phase. There is also a significant increase in durability over time. But the most important factor of the TR90 is the weight, it gives 20% more lightness than conventional materials, bringing the total weight to about 50 grams.

The internal view clip with a wide visual range in base 6, is also in TR90, to obtain a consistent duration over time, and to prevent breakages from vibrations and stresses. A clip in base 6 consistently increases the range of powers applicable by your trusted optician.

The nose pads in soft hypoallergenic rubber are adjustable thanks to an internal aluminum core. The fit is excellent for every face appearance.

The temples are equipped with a grip system,  in anti-allergy non-slip rubber that allows the elimination of those micro glides on the front, determined by the vibration of the Mountain Bike practice, or by the long stride of those who practice Running.

Included: Optical Clip, Hard Case and Replacement Lenses: Orange and Clear.

The measurements of the Clip are: Lens Height: 29mm; Lens length: 44mm; Base Lens: 6.

It is possible to install lenses with gradations in your own optical specialist: maximum spheres +/- 8.00 and cylinder (astigmatism) +/- 2.00.

The dimensions of the Fusion model are: Width: 142mm; Height: 42mm

Rod Length: 121mm; Base Lens: 8


The products are always sent in their original packaging. For some models the color or shape of the case may differ from that shown.

2 reviews for FUSION

CLIP IN for prescription lenses included
Interchangeable DCHANGE Lenses

  1. Gianmauro T.

    IT: ho acquistato due modelli:
    FUSION Lenti Intercambiabili -Nero e
    OPTO Metal Nero.
    I primi acquistati dopo aver provato altre marche e una volta montate le lenti da vista, non riuscivo a correggere i problemi di visti, una volta xchè la clip era troppo vicina agli occhi e le ciglia toccavano alla clip ed era qualcosa di impossibile da sopportare; un’altra volta la clip era troppo larga e la visione stretta (vicino al naso) non era corretta con le lenti. Con il modello Fusion la visione è fantastica, gli occhiali sembrano tutt’uno con il viso e la visione è fantastica.
    per quanto riguarda il modello OPTO non gli ho ancora ritirati dall’ottico, in quanto c’è stato un problema con le lenti. Provati senza lenti correttive erano qualcosa di veramente leggero. lascerò una nuova recensione al momento che gli ritirerò. P.S. monterò delle lenti fotocromatiche.

    EN: I bought two models:
    FUSION Interchangeable Lenses – Black and
    OPTO Metal Black.
    The first ones bought after trying other brands and once mounted the prescription lenses, I couldn’t correct the visa problems, once the clip was too close to the eyes and the eyelashes touched the clip and it was something impossible to bear; another time the clip was too wide and the narrow vision (near the nose) was not correct with the lenses. With the Fusion model the vision is fantastic, the glasses look like one with the face and the vision is fantastic.
    as far as the OPTO model is concerned, I have not yet withdrawn from the optician, as there was a problem with the lenses. Tried without corrective lenses they were something really light. I will leave a new review at the moment I will withdraw it. P.S. I will install photochromic lenses.

  2. Carlo trainer P.

    IT: Livello Professionale
    Appena presi e graduati!
    Solo per numeri uno!!
    Buon lavoro

    EN: Professional Level
    Just taken and graduated!
    Only for number ones!!
    good job

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