CLIP IN for prescription lenses included
Photochromic Cat.2-4 Lenses

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Frame Color: Black Green / Black Grey

Lenses: Photochromic Category 2 to 4 Lenses

Included: Clip In, Hard Case, Soft Sponge

Sport: Hiking and Mountaineering

Fit: Men

Size: Frame Width: 140mm; Height: 42mm – Temple Lenght: 130mm; Lens Base: 8

Optical Clip Size: Lens Height: 29mm; Lens Lenght: 48mm; Lens Base: 6.

Other Optical Clip Info: Maximum sphere +/- 8.00 and Cylinder (astigmatism) +/- 2.00

Product Overview

Eyeglasses with Photochromic lenses for Mountaineering and Mountain sports

For those like DEMON who love the Mountain, they know that it is a real philosophy of Life. However, it happens that the athlete or the simple enthusiast sometimes finds himself in difficulty reading the necessary tools for the excursion or in the simple vision of his own path. DEMON has therefore created Outdoor, the mountain photochromic eyeglasses for mountaineering. With photochromic lenses 2-4 and vision clips on which to insert the graduated lenses through their trusted optician.

This new eyeglass usable for all mountain sports represents a real revolution. In fact it represents the evolution of the sports frame in the first place for the enveloping shape that prevents the light from entering laterally, then because the very large removable clip (which allows a superior lateral view compared to the common clips) allows to drastically reduce the costs of the graduation of the lenses. Outdoor represents the photochromic eyeglasses for the mountain for those who want maximum technicality for their eyes, without having to compromise.

Outdoor is designed to protect your eyes even in the most extreme conditions, especially in areas of glacier and high mountain glaciers. It can also be used for normal hiking, trekking and ski mountaineering, because it is essential to better protect the eyes from the most intense UV rays of the mountain.

Prescription outdoor sunglasses for hiking and mountaineering

Technical characteristics and use:

The Outdoor Spectacles for Mountaineering guarantees protection from the intensity of UV rays, and offers perfect vision thanks to the anti-breakage polycarbonate lenses category 4. 2-4 photochromic lenses with Anti-Fog treatment are the maximum of technicality for those who practice mountaineering.

The photochromic lenses 2-4 indicated for the practice of mountaineering and ski mountaineering differ from the common photochromic lenses because they start from category 2 and reach the category of protection at the moment of maximum exposure to UV-A and UV-B rays 4. The top-quality lenses of our Mountaineering Goggles will amaze you and make your every trip unforgettable, because living the mountain is our passion.

The difference between a photochromic lens 2-4 compared to a category 4 technical lens is the change in color of the lens according to your path. The very dark category 4 lens in areas of strong shade caused by a wall or a thick bush can sometimes be a limit. The photochromic lens adapts itself according to the UV intensity and remains clear in the shaded areas allowing the optimal vision of the path and of any obstacles present, while in the areas of light with strong radiation it automatically darkens to the achievement of the category 4. To allow  your eyes the perfect vision even in the intense solar conditions typical of high mountains, particularly in glacier areas, offering you excellent comfort.

Prescription mountaineering sunglasses with photochromic 2-4 lenses opto outdoor rx

The ultra-light and elastic material of the frame is TR90, our special composition in Nylon and Carbon fiber that makes mountain glasses 20% lighter than conventional materials, more resistant to accidental impacts and tractions, more resistant to high and low temperatures. Essential characteristic during the practice of alpinism, especially in glacier areas. This feature also contrasts very well with the increase in overall weight caused by the prescription lenses that will be applied in the vision clip.

Also essential is the removable internal sponge in soft neoprene, which does not allow those annoying drops of sweat to reach your eyes, during the most delicate and most difficult phases of your journey. It also does not allow light to filter, as it adheres perfectly to the face, and in the event of strong wind it prevents the entry of: Snow, earth and small dirt that can be found during the journey.

The temples are equipped with a special Grip section that serves to prevent those annoying micro-upheavals towards the tip of the nose, during periods of heavy fatigue, vibrations or sudden movements. The nose pads and terminals are made of hypoallergenic rubber, soft, super-light and non-slip, to consistently elevate the fit.

With your photochromic eyeglasses for mountain and mountaineering, they are supplied with internal sweat sponge, sight clip, elastic band and hard case, to better appreciate your new DEMON glasses.

prescription mountaineering sunglasses opto outdoor rx model

No compromise, no waiver, maximum performance, anyway.

The dimensions of the View Clip are: Lens Height: 29mm; Lens length: 48mm; Base Lens: 6.

It is possible to install lenses with gradations in your trusted optic: maximum spheres +/- 8.00 and cylinder (astigmatism) +/- 2.00.

Also, for Progressive lenses.

The sizes of the eyeglasses for mountain and mountaineering are:

Width: 140mm; Height: 42mm – Rod Length: 130mm; Base Lens: 8

2 reviews for OUTDOOR

CLIP IN for prescription lenses included
Photochromic Cat.2-4 Lenses

  1. Guido A.

    IT: Ho acquistato due paia di occhiali, in sette giorni,con clip da vista un paio con lenti fotocromatiche e un paio con tre tipi di lenti.Ottimo prodotto e consegna in 36 ore!!

    EN: I bought two pairs of glasses in seven days, with a vision clip a pair of photochromic lenses and a pair with three types of lenses. Excellent product and delivery in 36 hours !!

  2. Massimo L.

    IT: Ormai fanno parte delle mie escursioni in mtb eccellenti!!
    Soprattutto per l’inserto ottico li consiglio a tutti coloro che hanno problemi di vista!

    EN: Now they are part of my excellent mtb excursions !!
    Especially for the optical insert I recommend them to all those who have vision problems!

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