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Frame material: TR90 Ultralight

Weight: 35 grams

Frame Color: Matt Black Red – Matt Black Blue

Lens Type: Cat.3 DPOL Presentation Lenses (to show a possible Sun View effect)
Supported lenses: Supports every type of view lens and power

Supplied: Adjustable Elastic Cord, Rigid Case

Sports: Multisport

Fit: Unisex (Man and Woman)

Size: Width: 130mm; Height: 45mm – Rod length: 130mm; Lens Base: 6

Product Overview

Eyewear for all SPECIAL sports

SPECIAL is the new concept of eyewear. This special sporty view frame differs from all other eye frames by three characteristics, which make it unique:

Lightness and Stability: Compared to the common sporty frames, the SPECIAL model characterized by an ultralight frame covered in the inner part by non-slip non-allergic rubber (typical of sports glasses). It therefore has important features, such as grip, stability and comfort.

Base 6: Very important is the role that plays the use of lenses with low curvature, which allow a simpler graduation, and the assembly of each type of lens.
It is therefore possible to mount lenses for the correction of any visual defect, from mono focal, bifocal or progressive lenses.

Design: The design is that of the glasses used daily for every activity, and that becomes excellent in sports practice. Perfect also as your main prescription frame.

Eyewear for all sport for prescription lenses special model matt black


The frame is made of TR90, a special composition of carbon fiber and nylon that makes the sports eyewear 20% lighter than conventional materials, more resistant to mechanical pulls and accidental shocks, increasing its durability over time.

The interior is made of hypoallergenic rubberized material, designed and created to provide maximum eye stability in every sport activity and to provide the perfect comfort. In combination with the frame, the nose pads is also made of soft hypoallergenic rubber and prevents all those annoying micro sliding towards the tip of the nose, which disturb during performance.

The base 6 lens therefore allows the creation of any type of eye lens: mono focal, Bifocal and Progressive. It will therefore also be possible to create the type of lens you prefer such as: photo chromatic, mirrored photo chromatic, Polarized, Mirrored, etc…

The real peculiarity of this frame is the extreme technicality of the materials that make SPECIAL the sporty eyewear perfect for the practice of every sport. At the same time, thanks to the design studied in detail, it will be possible to use it as prescription frame in everyday life.

Sport frame for prescription lenses for all sports special matt black red

Supplied adjustable elastic band to increase the grip and stability of the glasses even for sports that
require abrupt and sudden head movements (e.g. Tennis).  The elastic cord is removable at will according to use.

Sporty viewing frame for all indoor and outdoor sports

Selection tips for graduated lenses by type of sport:

MTB: photochromic lenses with transparent starting color recommended to be mounted by your trusteed optician.  You will then have a pair of dynamic RX glasses that quickly adapt to sudden changes of light normally experienced during mountain biking.

Road cycling: normally those who use the road bike prefer a category 3 smoke lens, since it does not require the responsiveness of a photochromic lens due to the few changes in light that generally accompany the athlete during the practice.

Running and Trail Running: It always depends on the practice time and weather condition; given the wide possibilities we recommend, to choose a photochromic lens, with transparent starting coloring, which can be used at night, during the day or as a simple protection from the air.

Tennis: Even for tennis, we recommend the use of a photochromic lens, in case you use SPECIAL at night or also indoors.  When outdoor the lens will react according to solar and UV intensity, while indoor the lens will stay clearer.

Beach Volleyball: Due to the strong UV intensity, we recommend as for road cycling to choose category 3-mirrored lens.

Other sports: Evaluate the time of exposure to sunlight and how many changes of light you will face. If mostly the light changes are minimal we recommend choosing a category 3 smoke lens, while if the light changes are many, to go for a photochromic lens.

It is necessary to choose an anti-break lens, to protect the eye in case of accidental shocks. Optional are also additional specific treatments to apply to ophthalmic lenses.


The SPECIAL model will be supplied with – Cat.3 DPOL lens mounted on the glasses you will find pair of category 3 polarized lens. Ideal to see the effect that eyewear can have once graduated with sun lenses.

Sport frame with prescription mirrored blue lenses special model matt black blue

– Adjustable elastic cord.

– Microfiber case
– Rigid case

The glasses measurements are: Width: 130mm; Height: 45mm
Rod length: 130mm; Lens Base: 6

Products always shipped in the original packaging. For some models, the color or shape of the case may differ from the one represented.


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