Photochromic Lenses Cat.2to4





Frame Color: Matt Black Red – Matt Black Green – Matt Black Grey

Lenses: Photochromic Lenses Cat. 2 to 4

Included: Removable Soft Sponge, Removable Elastic Band, Hard Case

Fit: Man

Sport: Mountaineering, Hiking, Ski Mountaineering

Size: Frame Width: 140mm; Height: 50mm – Rod Length: 125mm; Lens Base: 8

Product Overview



For those who love hiking in the high mountains, they know that eye protection is a need of primary importance that cannot be neglected. The strong reverberation that occurs in high mountain areas represents a pitfall to be countered with suitable lenses to be able to enjoy the excursion in complete safety. In fact, using unsuitable lenses at the end of the day can result in continuous discomfort as if you had something in your eye or even tearing. For maximum protection and performance DEMON has created a line of mountain sunglasses with 2-4 photochromic lenses to protect the eyes in any weather and climate conditions that guarantee perfect vision.

Mountain glasses photochromic lenses for alpinism eiger model black red


The 2-4 photochromic lenses are special photochromic lenses with a smoke base color capable of reaching category 4 during maximum work. The starting color is in very light smoke color that allows correct vision even in areas with strong shadow or with very poor brightness, and in the phase of maximum work it is able to reach category 4 with the optimal light and UV conditions generally used for Mountaineering.

The 2-4 photochromic lens exposed to UV radiation and sunlight in general, initiates a reversible chemical reaction that darkens the surface of the lens until it reaches category 4 (when necessary). Once the irradiation of light and UV is over, the lens gradually returns to its original color state. Mountaineering and Hiking: This special photochromic lens has been designed with the mountains in mind and the greater intensity of UV radiation and light rays. The idea was to create a dynamic lens for hikers and mountaineers that adapts to every change of light on their path. Whether you enter a wooded area or a shady side, the lens is designed to lighten and darken quickly to allow the athlete constant and perfect vision. The starting color of the lens is a slight smoke haze that does not oblige the athlete to have to remove the glasses in areas with low light. At the same time, category 2 prevents glare for the eyes coming out of the shadow areas. Achieving category 4 during maximum work is influenced by the intensity of UV rays and light. It is important to know that this special lens is created to reach category 4 only when necessary, thus preventing too dark a view of the path. This lens can be used in place of the category 4 lens for extreme expeditions (Everest, K2 and the like) because in terms of protection it maintains the standards of category 4, but at the same time it is dynamic in light changes.

Alpinism photochromic sunglasses for high mountain eiger model matt black red



TR90 frame: The TR90 is a special composition of Nylon and carbon fiber used by DEMON for the construction of all mountain eyewear frames for Hiking and Mountaineering. It is a non-allergenic composition and can be used in extreme conditions even for very prolonged use without irritation to the skin. The peculiarity of the TR90 is its exceptional elasticity and resistance to accidental impacts and mechanical traction, and it is also 20% lighter than frames built with conventional materials.

Generally, a frame built with this special composition weighs between 20 and 45 grams depending on the thickness of the frame. Performance is DEMON’s number 1 goal. Choosing glasses with TR90 frames is the choice for those who want maximum performance, and are constantly looking for technical materials that guarantee comfort, safety and aesthetics. The TR90 has a feature called memory, in fact when wearing the glasses, it adapts to the face gently deforming its shape to return to its original state when it is removed. This feature is fundamental, in fact the glasses retain memory even at low and high temperatures without deformation. The TR90 is also a material with a long life span, in fact it has been shown that it has a greater resistance over time than frames made with other conventional plastic materials. Non-slip rubberized parts: The rubberized parts are in soft non-slip “Megol”, an ultra-light hypoallergenic material that makes weight the main feature. The rubberized parts are designed to increase the comfort of the glasses and prevent all those annoying micro slips of it towards the tip of the nose in the most insidious passages where maximum stability of the glasses to the face is required.

Sweat sponge: The sweat sponge for mountain glasses is made of high density hypoallergenic material.

A Must for mountaineers, in fact it has the task of carrying out several functions:

– Protection from sweat: It prevents drops of sweat from coming into contact with the eyes in the phases of great fatigue.

– Protection from air and projections: Prevents air or any projections (Ex: Dust) from coming into contact with the eyes.

– Light protection: Prevents lateral light rays from coming into contact with the eyes, preventing correct vision.

The sweat sponge is removable at will, it is used by the mountaineer or hiker as needed.

Elastic cord: a removable elastic band is supplied for the EIGER model. It is made of elastic material to promote comfort and stability of the glasses even during the most critical conditions and difficult passages. It also makes the glasses more stable and closer to the face during use, to more effectively protect the eyes from: Air, cold, dust and various projections that the athlete may encounter during their journey. black elastic cord for mountain goggles Mountain glasses with photochromic lenses for Mountaineering and Hiking guarantee maximum performance without any kind of sacrifice.

The measurements of the EIGER glasses are:

Width: 140mm; Height: 50mm Rod Length: 125mm;

Lens Base: 8 Products are always shipped in their original packaging.

For some models, the color or shape of the case may differ from that shown.


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