Category 4 Lenses





Frame Material: TR90 Ultralight

Frame Color: Matt Black Grey

Lenses: Category 4 Smoke Mirror Lenses

Included: Removable Soft Sponge, Removable Elastic Band, Hard Case

Sport: Mountaineering, Hiking, Ski Mountaineering

Size: Frame Width: 140mm; Height: 42mm – Temple Lenght: 130mm; Lens Base: 8

Product Overview


Passion and love for the Outdoor are born far back in time. The rustling of the wind in the trees, the sound of our steps along the path, the consistency of the stones under our feet, the feeling that we so love of freedom in the midst of nature, and the satisfaction of having conquered the summit.

DEMON has created for lovers of the mountain, enthusiasts, or just enthusiasts, a line of technical eyewear dedicated to Outdoor and Mountaineering with category 4 lenses.

Using an outdoor eyewear with category 4 lenses is now a must for those who like us have a strong passion for the mountain world. DEMON takes care of your health and the protection of your eyes, so that you can dedicate yourself to the only thing that really counts, your path and your emotions.

Category 4 lenses for outdoor sunglasses

Technical characteristics and use:

The OUTDOOR model Outdoor sunglasses offers protection from the intensity of UV rays, and guarantees perfect vision thanks to the first-class decentralized polycarbonate lenses. Category 4 mountain lenses are the highest technicality for those who practice hiking in the high mountains. They are darker than the common category 3 lenses, so they are not suitable for driving any vehicle.

The ultra-light and elastic material of the frame is TR90, our special composition in Nylon and Carbon fiber that makes mountain sunglasses 20% lighter than conventional materials, more resistant to accidental impacts and tractions, more resistant to high and low temperatures. Essential feature during the practice of mountaineering, especially in glacier areas.

Also essential is the removable internal sponge in soft neoprene, which does not allow those annoying drops of sweat to reach your eyes, during the most delicate and most difficult phases of your journey. Moreover, it does not allow light to filter, as it adheres perfectly to the face, and in the event of strong wind it prevents the entry of: Snow, earth and small dirt that can be found during the journey.

It is possible to mount the adjustable elastic cord (including the price) on the final part of the rods. This technology for mountain sunglasses is very appreciated for those who use a protective helmet and practice extreme routes where the eyewear fit must be perfect in all circumstances, or simply for those who do not practice extreme routes, to improve comfort.

The nose pads and terminals are made of hypoallergenic rubber, soft, super-light and non-slip, to consistently elevate the fit.

With your Outdoor sunglasses, the following are supplied: Internal sweatband, elastic band and hard case, to better appreciate your new DEMON sunglasses.

The DEMON Outdoor sunglasses are ideal for glacier excursions and in all high mountain activities where you are exposed to strong solar radiation. They will show you their high level of technicality even if your goal is at lower elevations, but no less important.

The sizes of the outdoor sunglasses are: Width: 140mm; Height: 42mm- Rod Length: 130mm; Base Lens: 8


The products are always sent in their original packaging. For some models the color or shape of the case may differ from that shown.


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