Polarized Lenses





Frame material: TR90 Ultralight

Weight: 20 grams

Frame Color: Matt Black Pink – Matt Black Light Blue

Lens Type: Cat.3 DPOL Polarized Lenses – Hydrophobic Treatment – Anti-salt treatment

Supplied: Adjustable Elastic Cord, Rigid Case

Other: Removable side parts

Sports: Trekking, Hiking, Multisport

Fit: Unisex (Men and Women)

Size: Width: 140mm; Height: 50mm – Rod Length: 130mm; Lens Base: 6

Product Overview


XLITE J is the polarized mountain sunglasses from the DEMON collection with hydrophobic treatment.

Lightness is the fulcrum of this special eyewear for mountain excursions. The frame is designed to reduce any unnecessary weight to a minimum. With its 20 grams of pure ultralight technology, with removable side parts, elastic strap cord and premium quality polycarbonate lenses.

Mountain polarized glasses for women XLITE J

DEMON’s mission is to create functional and design products to meet all the needs of the hiker who never stops. In fact, XLITE J is not just a polarized mountain eyewear, due to its particular shape it can be used as casual eyewear and as eyewear for all sports.

The sporty style oriented in the world of street fashion.

XLITE J polarized women’s mountain sunglasses

Outdoor polarized glasses for men and women XLITE J

Disciplines of use:

Hiking and Trekking: Trekking is a cross between mountaineering and hiking in terms of difficulty. The difference between hiking and trekking is that excursions tend to be longer than trekking, as they can last a couple of days. Using a polarized lens for trekking and hiking means choosing a very relaxing lens that increases the contrast of natural colors, increasing the pleasure of being in the middle of nature. XLITE J is the eyewear for trekking and hiking with polarized lenses and ultralight frames, ideal for athletes who want to experience the mountains at 360 °.

All sports: XLITE J can be used for practicing any outdoor sport thanks to the ultra-light frame and unbreakable polarized lenses.

Outdoor polarized glasses for woman

Technical features:

The polarized lenses filter UV rays, they are optically perfect first quality polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is a special ultra-light material that DEMON uses for all its glasses.

In fact, it has a significant increase in safety, since it offers greater protection in the event of accidental impacts without breaking.

Unlike glass, polycarbonate does not generate any type of fragment that could damage your eyes. Safety is key when practicing your favorite sport.

Sunglasses for mountain and polarized hiking

The advantages of polarized lenses are:

»Better perception of contrast

»Clearer vision

»No modification of natural colors


Hydrophobic treatment:

The hydrophobic treatment makes the surface of the lenses smooth, counteracting the adhesion of dirt and dust; thus simplifying maintenance. It prevents water and dirt from remaining in contact with the lens, always keeping it clean.

Polarized mountain sunglasses for men and women XLITE J

The ultra-light and elastic material of the frame is TR90, our special composition in Nylon and Carbon fiber that makes the mountain glasses 20% lighter than conventional materials, proofed to accidental impacts and tractions; even more resistant to high and low temperatures. Essential feature during the practice of hiking.

Glasses for hiking and trekking polarized lenses for outdoor adventures

The side parts are removable, excellent for protecting the eyes from side light and air. Also excellent for combating elements such as: snow, dirt and small dust, that can filter in from sideways.


It is possible to mount the adjustable elastic cord (included in the cost) on the final part of the temples. This mountain eyewear feature is highly appreciated for those who use protective helmets and practice extreme routes where the fit of the glasses must be perfect in all circumstances, or simply for those who do not practice extreme routes, to improve comfort.


Women’s sunglasses for mountain and hiking

The DEMON mountain hiking glasses are ideal for any adventure and for all outdoor activities in which you are exposed to strong solar radiation.

They will demonstrate their high level of technicality even if your set goal is at lower altitudes, but no less challenging.

The measurements of the mountain glasses with polarized lenses are: Width: 140mm; Height: 50mm Rod Length: 130mm; Lens Base: 6


Products shipped always in their original packaging. For some models, the color or shape of the protective case may differ from that shown.


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