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Frame Color: Matt Black / Matt Grey

Lenses: Smoke Lenses

Included: Optical System, Hard Case

Sport: All Sports

Size: Frame Width: 140mm; Height: 45mm – Temple Lenght: 121mm; Lens Base: 8

Optical System Size: Lens Height: 55mm; Lens Lenght: 33mm; Lens Base: 6.

Other Optical Clip Info: All solutions for sphere and Cylinder (astigmatism)

Product Overview


Vista sport is the new concept of Cycling frame. This special model differs from all other cycling frames for two features, which make it unique:

  • Wrapping: Compared to common cycling vision frames, the VISTA SPORT model is as enveloping as the classic cycling eyewear structure. It therefore has important characteristics, such as grip, stability and comfort typical of sports eyewear.
  • Base 6: Very important is the role played by the optical support, which from a curved lens to base 8 transforms the lens into a base 6, allowing a simpler graduation, which also allows the mounting of any type of lens.

Technical features:

The frame is in TR90, a special composition of carbon fiber and nylon that makes cycling eyewear 20% lighter than conventional materials, more resistant to mechanical traction and accidental impact, increasing its durability.

The optical supports are also in Tr90. The use of an external support is a valid and innovative alternative from the use of a sighted optical clip placed inside the glasses, mounting the lenses on these innovative ophthalmic supports you have the real feeling of all the effects and benefits of eyeglasses. This allows you to mount any type of lens and power you want, without limiting in any way the visual field, and applicable treatments.

Sport frame for all sports in base 6

At any optician you can have ophthalmic lenses mounted on the supports according to your needs.

Furthermore, the design of the VISTA SPORT eyewear is not altered in any way, also providing technical specifications that make the glasses not only usable for running and cycling, but for every type of sport.

The optical support is included in the package, and already contains presentation lenses that will be used as an optic for the creation of your graduated lenses

The inside of the temples is equipped with an un allergic rubber grip section, which in combination with the soft rubber nose piece prevents all those annoying micro-turns towards the tip of the nose, which disturb the athlete during the performance.

Optical support for prescription lenses

Tips for choosing the prescription lenses for the VISTA SPORT frame:

  • MTB: It is recommended to create photochromic filters with transparent starting color by your own optician. You will therefore have a dynamic pair of light and dark light changes, typical of mountain biking.
  • Road cycling: Generally, the roadster prefers a category 3 smoke lens, since it does not require the reactivity of a photochromic lens given the few light changes that generally accompany the athlete along the route.
  • Running and Trail Running: It always depends on the time of performance, we recommend, given the ample opportunity to run at any time to choose a photochromic lens, with transparent starting coloring, which can be used at night as a simple protection from the air.
  • Tennis: Also, for tennis we recommend the creation of a photochromic lens, in case VISTA SPORT is used at night or even indoors, while externally the lens will react according to the solar and UV intensity.
  • Beach Volleyball: Due to the strong UV intensity we recommend, as for road cycling, to choose a mirrored category 3 lens.
  • Other sports: Evaluate the exposure time to sunlight and how many sun lights changes you will face. If the light changes are minimal, we recommend choosing a category 3 smoke lens, while if there are many light changes, select a photochromic lens.

Basically, it is necessary to choose an anti-breaking lens, to better protect the eye in case of accidental impacts. Additional specific treatments to be applied to ophthalmic lenses are also optional.

sport frame with optical support

The sizes of the glasses are: Width: 140mm; Height: 45mm – Rod Length: 121mm; Base Lens: 8

The optical support measures are: Lens width: 55mm; height: 33mm; Base Lens: 6


The products are always sent in their original packaging. For some models the color or shape of the case may differ from that shown.


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