Frame Color: Matt Black Yellow / Matt Black Blue / Matt Black Red / White Grey / Blue Orange

Lenses: DMIRROR Category 3 Lens

Other: Adjustable Nosepad

Included: Microfiber Puch

Sport: Beach Volley, Tennis, Flight, Golf – All Sports

Size: Width: 143mm; Height: 54mm; Temple Lenght: 125mm; Lens Base: 8

Product Overview

Multilayer Single Lens Sports Glasses Mirrored for all sports PERFORMANCE model

PERFORMANCE is the 2020 novelty of DEMON. The new Mirrored Multilayer Single Lens sports sunglasses used for all sports for maximum protection for the eyes and aggressive design. The peculiarity of this special lens is the high contrast of natural colors, which for benefit is equivalent to a polarized lens without the visual difficulty in reading LED screens.

Multilayer single lens sports glasses for all sports performance model

Sports types:

  • Beach Volley: PERFORMANCE really appreciated for the practice of Beach Volley. The non-slip rubbers provide extraordinary stability to the glasses, also the very enveloping shape allows to effectively protecting the grains of sand can irritate our eyes, drastically decreasing the performance of the play. The adjustable nosepiece allows perfect breathing by “anchoring” the glasses to the face.
  • Tennis: For outdoor tennis, the required characteristics are very similar to those of beach volleyball. Adherence, stability, wide field view. PERFORMANCE works thanks to the great stability even with very caterpillar movements of the face typical of tennis. The perfect contrast of the lens allows you to see the ball clearly and well defined even in very bright light conditions and for very long use.
  • Flight: For those who practice hang gliding and paragliding PERFORMANCE amazes for its great comfort and protection from the air. The high contrast Multilayer lens does not alter the natural colors allowing the athlete fully enjoying his glide. The lens offers maximum performance in very bright light conditions ensuring maximum relaxation for the eyes even for very prolonged use.
  • Golf: For Golf, the needs are the same for tennis: Comfort, perfect vision, no alteration of natural colors, stability. In addition to the characteristics described above, PERFORMANCE aesthetically presented as an aggressive shape for the golfer who is not afraid to dare.



The DMIRROR Multilayer lens of the PERFORMANCE model is made of top quality solid anti-break polycarbonate. Not only does it effectively protect the athlete’s eyes from UV rays but they also protect the eyes in the best way even in the event of accidental impacts, even very strong ones, without breakage.

In the event of an accident, the polycarbonate lens softens the shock throughout its surface with a “spider web” visual effect that prevents the creation of small fragments that could hurt the eyes.

Every detail and material of composition of the lens is suitable for maximum safety and perfect vision of the athlete’s eyes.


The ultralight material of the frame is TR90, a special composition of Carbon Fiber and Nylon.

Do not be fooled by the size of the frame, in fact the total weight of the PERFORMANCE sports eyewear is only 30 grams. Designed and created for athletes looking for products built with technical materials and which guarantee maximum protection and safety.

The frame is elastic and adapts to the line of the head to ensure maximum comfort without tightening and at the same time guarantees maximum stability.


The nose pads are adjustable, to best adapt to each face physiognomy. All rubberized parts, including nose pads are in soft hypoallergenic “megol”, grip technology that guarantees maximum stability and prevents all the annoying micro slipping of the glasses towards the tip of the nose caused by vibrations and head movements.


PERFORMANCE a must for anyone looking for a sports eyewear with an ultra-light mirrored lens for practicing all sports.

This material makes the DMIRROR Multilayer Single Lens Sports Glasses 20% lighter than conventional materials, more resistant to accidental impacts and tractions. It also increases its durability over time.


PERFORMANCE eyewear sizes are:

Width: 143mm; Height: 54mm

Rod Length: 125mm; Lens base: 8


Products shipped always in their original packaging. For some models, the color or shape of the case may differ from that shown.


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