Polarized Lenses





Frame Material: TR90 Ultralight

Frame Color: Matt Black Grey – Shiny Black Pink

Lenses: Smoke Mirror Polarized Lenses Category 3

Included: Microfiber Pouch

Sport:  All Sport, Fashion

Fit: Men

Size: Frame Width: 135mm; Height: 45mm – Temple Lenght: 135m; Lens Base: 8

Product Overview


SOUL is the novelty resulting from the continuous evolution of DEMON design.

SOUL are sports and streetwear glasses with mirrored polarized lenses for maximum eye protection in all light and atmospheric conditions.


The frame is made of ultra-light and elastic material with a total weight of 40 grams, thanks to a special internal groove and ultra-light rubber parts. The top quality lens is considered the most restful on the market, in fact it will allow perfect vision, and an extraordinary sense of relaxation throughout the period of use.

SOUL is an eyewear that lends itself to multiple uses, from sport to fashion, in fact the aggressive and mirrored look original of sports eyewear in recent years has also been brought into the fashion world, where daring to be recognized has become the key point for the world of eyewear.


In addition to continuous technological evolution, DEMON impeccably takes care of the design of its sports eyewear segments, raising the bar for the level of excellence.


Sport sunglasses for all sports polarized lenses soul model




– Beach Volley: For the practice of Beach Volley SOUL is an excellent model, favored in an important way by the polarized lens. The non-slip rubbers provide extraordinary stability to the eyewear, furthermore the very enveloping shape allows to effectively counteract the grains of sand from coming into contact with our eyes, drastically decreasing the performance of your efforts. The grip temples ensure maximum stability of the glasses to the face-


– Tennis: For the practice of tennis outdoors the required characteristics are very similar to those of beach volleyball. Grip, stability, wide field of view. SOUL is performing thanks to the great stability even with very brisk movements of the face typical of tennis. The perfect contrast of the lens allows you to see the ball clearly and well even in very strong light conditions and for very long use.


– Flight: For those who practice hang gliding and paragliding, SOUL amazes for its great comfort and protection from the air. The high contrast polarized mirrored lens does not alter the natural colors, allowing the athlete to fully enjoy their ride. The lens offers maximum performance in very strong light conditions ensuring maximum relaxation for the eyes even for very prolonged use.


– Golf: for Golf, the needs are the same as for tennis: comfort, perfect vision, no alteration of natural colors, stability. In addition to the features described above, SOUL aesthetically looks like an aggressive shape eyewear, for the golfer who is not afraid to dare.


– Sport Fishing: for sport fishing, the choice of the polarized lens is essential, to best protect from light reflections and for the best view under the water. The comfort of SOUL is excellent, the prolonged use typical of fishing is ideal for these sports eyewear.


– Sailing and water sports: For sailing and water sports, the use of sports glasses with polarized lenses is recommended. The peculiarity of SOUL is the great stability of the glasses to the face. SOUL sports eyewear is confirmed as an excellent sports eyewear with polarized lenses for all water sports.


Sport sunglasses for woman for all sports polarized lenses soul model


Technical features:


The ultralight frame is made of TR90, a special composition of Carbon fiber and Nylon. The weight reduction compared to common conventional materials is of 20%, remarkable, just think of the great strength generated by the carbon fiber that allows it to not deform at high and low temperatures, greater resistance to accidental impacts and mechanical traction and a considerable increase in duration. in time. Nylon greatly increases elasticity; in fact, the adaptability of the fit is extended to every type of face.


The lens is made of polycarbonate and filters UV rays. From a safety point of view, polycarbonate represents the safest material, as in the event of a strong impact it does not create breakage like common compositional materials, therefore it does not create any type of fragment that can damage the eye, but will create a sort of spider web that it will invalidate our lens while maintaining structural integrity.


The polarized lens offers protection from UV rays, but not only: in fact, this special type of lens is able to concentrate or diverge the rays of light and to attenuate UV-A and UV-B radiation through a polarizing filter that eliminates transverse reflexes.

These lenses allow you to shield the glare and those annoying reflections that are created when sunlight is reflected on reflective surfaces, such as the wet asphalt of the road, a mirror of water or a metal surface.


For all these characteristics it can therefore be used in the practice of any sport, but also in free time as it reduces eye strain.


It is no coincidence that the polarized lens was created for the sport of fishing, in fact due to the characteristic of eliminating reflections, it is often used for sports related to water. Later introduced in nautical sports, the polarized lens was extended to every type of sport, as it represents the most relaxing lens for the eye on the market.


The polarized mirrored lens with a basic smoke color is in category 3, the peculiarity of the polarized filter lies in the vision, a very important feature is the fantastic sense of relaxation that it provides even after prolonged use at high UV intensity. The advantages of Polarized Glasses:

»Better perception of contrast

»Clearer vision

»No modification of natural colors


Supplied with soft microfiber case to protect against smears and clean the lenses of your DEMON glasses.


The nose pad is in hypoallergenic rubber creating a single block with the frame further reducing the weight. A special Grip section has been created inside the temples to prevent all those annoying frontal micro-slips due to damp skin, especially in moments of great effort, which de-focus the athlete from performance.

SOUL turns out to be the excellent compromise between polarized sports eyewear for the practice of any sport and designer eyewear that generates trends in the fashion field.


Width: 135mm; Height: 45mm

Rod Length: 135mm; Lens Base: 8


The products are always shipped in their original packaging. For some models, the color or shape of the case may differ from that shown.


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