Frame Material: TR90 Ultralight (15 grams)

Frame Color: Matt Black – Matt Brown

Lenses: Smoke Mirro Lenses

Included: Microfiber Pouch

Sport: All Sports – Fashion

Fit: Men

Size: Frame Width: 140mm; Height: 48mm – Temple Lenght: 140m; Lens Base: 6

Product Overview


REACTIVE is the model of sunglasses, sporty but not only from the DEMON collection with polarized lenses. Lightness is the fulcrum of this special sports eyewear. The frame is designed to minimize any unnecessary weight. With its 15 grams of pure ultralight technology, with minimal temples, ultra-flexible frame and top-quality polycarbonate lenses. DEMON’s mission is to create functional and design products to meet all the needs of the sportsman who never stops. In fact, REACTIVE is not just a sports eyewear, due to its shape it can be used as a casual eyewear. The technical material of sports eyewear introduced in the street fashion world.

Technical features:

Smoke lenses category 3 DMIRROR

The DMIRROR category 3 smoke lenses filter UV rays, they are made of top quality optically perfect polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is a special ultralight material that DEMON uses for all its glasses. In fact, it has a considerable increase in safety, since it offers greater protection in the event of accidental impacts without breakage. Unlike glass, polycarbonate does not generate any kind of fragment that could damage your eyes. Safety is essential when practicing your favourite sport.


The frame is in TR90, a special composition between nylon and carbon fibre. This special material makes the polarized eyewear 20% lighter than common materials, and much more resistant to accidental impacts and mechanical traction. In nylon, it has great elastic capabilities and will adapt to any appearance of the face giving you a perfect fit and returning to the original state once the glasses are removed. In fact, the TR90 renders the glasses non deformable at high and low temperatures, with a consequent increase in the duration in time. The frame is elastic and ultra-flexible, so much so that you won’t even notice you are wearing them.

REACTIVE sunglasses are one of the leading models in the DEMON line in the polarized lens category. Absolute lightness is a strength that it is impossible to give up, the excellent fit is just one of the characteristics of using top quality materials. DEMON is constantly evolving in the field of sports glasses to offer athletes from all over the world a high-tech product.

Supplied in soft microfibre case to protect from smears and clean the lenses of your glasses DEMON.

No waiver. Maximum performance always. Demonize Yourself


Width: 140mm; Height: 48mm – Rod Length: 140mm; Base Lens: 8


The products are always sent in their original packaging. For some models the colour or shape of the case may differ from that shown.


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