Photochromic Visor S1-S3


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100% Made in Italy


Shell: ABS

Lens: Photochromic Category S1-S3

Ventilation: Front and lateral ventilation System

Ear Pad: Soft Sponge

Indside Material: Expanded Polystyrene

Size (size regoulation): S 56-57 / M 58-59 / L 60-61

Sport: Ski – Snowboard

Included: Microfiber Pouch

Certification: CE – EN 1077

Product Overview


COMPACT-V is the new Ski helmet with S1-S3 photochromic visor created by DMN.

The new concept of ski helmet that revolutionizes comfort and convenience, the use of the visor not only allows to effectively protect a greater portion of the face, but at the same time allows people who use eyeglasses an effective solution and comfortable.


The advantage of using the photochromic visor mounted in the ski helmet is the guarantee of using a lens that adapts effectively to every change of light on the slopes and “off-piste”.


The lens is photochromic 1-3 internally is in orange color. The peculiarity of this lens is the high contrast generated by the light color of the lens which allows you to more effectively identify: ripples, bumps and depressions. The lens, darkening according to the intensity of the light, maintains the high contrast feature ensuring perfect vision at every change of light or weather, and accentuating the mirroring.


The lens is not equipped with ventilation holes for maximum safety even off-piste with fresh snow.


The photochromic lens of the ski helmet visor is also equipped with an anti-fog treatment ideal for all temperatures, from the coldest with strong differences in temperature between the external and internal surface of the lens to the hottest ones.

The anti-fog treatment prevents the formation of condensation on the internal surface of the lens which limits visibility and forces the athlete to stop and remove the mask to clean the lens.


The helmet shell is in ABS and the internal part in expanded Polystyrene, a very light material with great resistance to accidental impacts.


The ski helmet with photochromic lens is equipped with a front and side ventilation system, for maximum comfort at any temperature, from the coldest to the hottest ones at the end of the season


The internal material in contact with the skin is in soft hypoallergenic breathable material with non-slip rubberized finishes on the front.


The adjustment wheel (in the back) allows the adjustment of a helmet size by turning. It can therefore be opened and closed at will for maximum comfort.


The weight of the ski helmet with photochromic mirrored visor is 600 grams.


Adjustable Sizes: S 56-57 / M 58-59 / L 60-61


EN1077: 2007 Class B certification


100% Made in Italy


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Photochromic Visor S1-S3

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