Photochromic Lenses Cat. 0-2

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Frame Material: TR90 Ultralight

Frame Color: White – Neon Yellow

Lenses: Photochromic Smoke Lenses

Other Features: Adjustable Nose Pad

Included: Microfiber Pouch

Sport: Cycling, Mountain Bike

Fit: Unisex

Size: Frame Width: 137mm; Height: 45mm – Temple Lenght: 124mm; Lens Base: 8

Product Overview


Cycling is cycling in the meadows, in the city, along the coast, uphill, downhill, on paved roads or on dirt paths. It is pedaling against the time of the professional or without rushing those who want to enjoy the road. The effort of the climb, letting yourself caressed by the wind, enjoying the peace of the isolated road, the satisfaction of the breathtaking landscape and that of having exceeded your limits and having reached the much sought-after goal. All those little details that made us fall in love with this philosophy of life, and which with every new release amaze us as if it were always the first time.

The cyclist does not compromise on details, and is always looking for new technologies in order to better experience his emotions transmitted by the bicycle. We at DEMON love two wheels, as you do.

TOUR model photochromic cycling sunglasses are specially created to allow you to dedicate yourself solely and exclusively to your journey, performance and emotions. DEMON takes care of the safety and health of your eyes.


Cycling sunglasses

The cycling eyewear par excellence is the technical eyewear that we forget to have during our journey. It must be light, it must fit optimally and above all, it must have excellent lenses to protect us from the air, and it must be reactive in the sudden changes of light.

The TOUR model cycling eyewear created for the bike world, weighs 40 grams, offers an exceptional fit thanks to the enveloping structure, protects flawlessly from the air. It is equipped with top quality photochromic lenses that adapt to any type of route.


Technical features:

The frame, with an aggressive and trendy look, is in TR90, a special composition of Nylon and carbon fiber that makes our cycling glasses 20% lighter than conventional materials and more resistant to accidental impacts and tractions and stresses. It also has a high resistance to chemical agents and is biologically compatible and safe for direct contact with the skin even for prolonged time.

The nose pads in hypoallergenic rubber are adjustable to allow maximum fit to any face physiognomy. The terminals with the rubberized grip section designed to gently wrap your head and prevent those annoying micro-slips that can occur with the vibrations of the path.

The lenses are in polycarbonate, and offer protection from UV rays and perfect vision, because they are first quality, anti-breakage, decentralized and optically perfect.

Photochromic lenses are a must for cycling glasses par excellence. They are lenses, which, exposed to UV radiation or sunlight in general, initiate a reversible chemical reaction and darken. Once the light irradiation disappears, the lenses gradually return to the initial state of transparency.

The usefulness of these lenses lies in the automatic adaptation in each path that we decide to take, they will darken in the sections of strong brightness and UV intensity, and they will lighten when we enter the tunnel or areas of dense bush, to allow us not to stop our performance.

They will do the “dirty work” for you.

You will never find yourself having to evaluate the possible changes in the weather again, deciding whether to carry the pair of orange or transparent lenses in your pocket because it could rain or cloud the sky. Photochromic lenses do the job of interchangeable lenses in one lens for you.

The maximum technicality currently on the market for cycling glasses, to allow you to concentrate only and exclusively on your emotions.

No compromise, excellent performance, demand the utmost technicality, choose the best for your eyes.

Supplied with soft microfiber case to protect against scratches and clean the lenses of your DEMON glasses.

Width: 137mm; Height: 45mm; Rod Length: 124mm; Lens base: 8


Products shipped always in their original packaging. For some models, the color or shape of the case may differ from that shown.

3 reviews for TOUR

Photochromic Lenses Cat. 0-2

  1. Moreno Z.

    IT: Ciao a tutti,posseggo un paio di occhiali demon tour con lenti fotocromatiche,cercavo un paio di occhiali per bici da non spendere cifre esagerate e tramite google mi imbatto nel sito DEMON,che dire ,vasta scelta di modelli e colori,prezzi accessibili poi una volta provati sono veramente ottimi.

    EN: pair of bike glasses so as not to spend exaggerated sums and through google I run into the DEMON site, what to say, a wide choice of models and colors, affordable prices then a once tested they are really good.

  2. Michele M.

    IT: Servizio e prodotti eccellenti!!!

    EN: Excellent service and products !!!

  3. Dumitru B.

    IT: Prodotto non proprio di ottima qualità, però buona qualità, servizi clienti super 5 stelle

    EN: Product not really of excellent quality, but good quality, super 5-star customer services

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