Interchangeable DCHANGE Lenses

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Frame Color: Shiny Neon Green / Carbon Red / Shiny Neon Yellow / Matt Black / White

Lenses: Interchangeable DCHCANGE Lenses

Included: Orange lens, Clear Lens, Microfiber Puch

Sport: Road Cycling – Mountain Bike

Size: Width: 142mm; Height: 40mm; Temple Lenght: 118mm; Lens Base: 8

Product Overview


832 is the evolution of DEMON’s technicality, it represents the minimal design dedicated to the task of effectively protecting your eyes from UV rays, from all the small and unexpected events arising from speed sports. Those who love cycling have gained experience in being able to declare technical clothing creates a significant difference in terms of performance. DEMON has created 832 for professionals or even for simple enthusiasts. With its 30 grams of weight and interchangeable lenses, used in any season and in any climatic situation. Designed also for those who practice road cycling and mountain biking who are looking for technical glasses for both disciplines. Model 832 is the technicality made in glasses.


Sports types:

    Road Bike: Whether it is a short distance workout or a long ride, the 832-model guarantees maximum protection for the athlete’s eyes from light, even very intense and for very long use. The racing bike glasses also effectively protects against air, dust and insects. Ideal for the cyclist looking for an aggressive design eyewear that guarantees total eye protection at the same time. The lenses supplied (orange and transparent) are interchangeable according to weather conditions for perfect vision in low light conditions and for night outings.

    Triathlon: For the practice of Triathlon the 832 model guarantees maximum protection for the eyes of the triathlete from light, even very intense and for very long use. The triathlon glasses also protect effectively from air, dust and insects. Ideal for the runner looking for an aggressive design eyewear that guarantees total eye protection at the same time. Excellent ventilation that effectively counteracts fogging, especially in the slower and more difficult phases. The transparent lens and orange lens for days with low light are also very useful.

    Mountain bike: For those who practice Mountain Bike 832 it is an excellent ally. In addition to the protection described above for those who practice racing bikes, it also has significant advantages for those who run on dirt roads and in wooded areas. In fact, the wide structure offers very high protection from accidental impacts with leaves and branches, protecting the rider’s eyes in the best way. The orange or transparent lens used for going out on paths with a very dense forest and for running at night.


Technical characteristics and use:

The road cycling and MTB sunglasses with interchangeable mirrored lenses is the 3-lens version of the 832 model.


-The mounted category 3-mirrored lens has a mirror that recalls the color of the frame. Therefore, nothing left to chance, because in addition to technicality, design is also the master. This filter offers maximum performance with days of strong solar intensity. Used also on those very clear cloudy days, where the light is particularly annoying.


Orange category 2 lens, the pair supplied and offer maximum performance in low light conditions. They generally used in cloudy and low light weather. They are highly appreciated by those who practice mountain biking, as they create strong contrast in wooded areas often with very particular light.


Category 1 Transparent Lens, also supplied, used for night rides as a simple protection from the air, but also on rainy days.


All the lenses supplied with the 832 model filter UV rays, ensuring maximum protection for your eyes. If the weather will vary, just bring the most appropriate pair of lenses with you and in a few seconds, you will have changed not only the look of your sports glasses but also improved the vision of your path.


The nose pads are made of soft hypoallergenic rubber, the same material inserted in the special grip section inside the temples to prevent all those micro-movements deriving from vibrations, shocks or jumps.


Width: 142mm; Height: 40mm; Rod Length: 118mm; Lens base: 8


Products shipped always in their original packaging. For some models, the color or shape of the case may differ from that shown.

1 review for 832

Interchangeable DCHANGE Lenses

  1. Davide G.

    IT: Servizio affidabilissimo, gli occhiali sono arrivati il giorno dopo l’ordine.
    Prodotto di buona qualità, con 3 lenti intercambiabili ed un nasello di riserva, nonchè un fodero semirigido.
    Ottimo rapporto qualità/prezzo.

    EN: Very reliable service, the glasses arrived the day after the order.
    Good quality product, with 3 interchangeable lenses and a spare nose pad, as well as a semi-rigid sheath.
    Excellent value for money.

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