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Sailing glasses

Sailing glasses are an essential item for any sailor, as they protect the eyes from wind, sun, and water and improve visibility during navigation.

Sport sunglasses for sailing and water sports

Sailing is a sport practiced on the sea or on lakes using sailing boats propelled by the wind. The sailor’s goal is to navigate as fast as possible, taking advantage of the sea currents and wind conditions.

Sailing is a sport that requires a lot of skill and technique, as the sailor must be able to maneuver the boat precisely to make the most of the weather and navigation conditions. Among the skills required to practice sailing are knowledge of navigation rules, the ability to interpret wind and water conditions, mastery of bow and stern maneuvers, management of sails and boat propulsion.

Sailing can be practiced at a competitive or amateur level, in different specialties that differ in the characteristics of boats, sails, and navigation techniques. Some of the most popular specialties are the Laser, 470 class, J24, Optimist class, Star class, and Finn class.

Sailing also requires good physical fitness and adequate athletic preparation, as the sailor must maintain control of the boat in often challenging conditions. Moreover, sailing is a sport that offers many opportunities to discover new places and to enjoy the beauty of the sea and surrounding nature.

In summary, sailing is a challenging but rewarding sport that requires skill, technique, knowledge of navigation rules, and good physical fitness. Sailing offers the opportunity to discover new places and to experience the unique and exciting beauty of the sea and nature.

water sports floating glasses xlite modelo black red color

What glasses to choose for sailing?

In particular, sailing glasses must be able to protect the eyes from the reflection of water and sunlight, which can cause excessive exposure to UV rays and strain the eyes. For this reason, sailing glasses can be equipped with polarized lenses, which reduce glare and improve color perception and contrast.

Sailing glasses must also be water and wind resistant, and can be equipped with rubber or silicone seals that increase their grip and adherence to the face. Additionally, the temples of sailing glasses can be flexible or wraparound, to adapt to different face shapes and ensure greater stability during navigation.

Finally, sailing glasses can be equipped with interchangeable lenses, able to adapt to different lighting conditions and the needs of the sailor. For example, yellow or orange lenses are ideal for low light conditions, while gray or green lenses are more suitable for bright conditions.

In summary, sailing glasses are a fundamental element for the safety and comfort of sailors during navigation. It is important to choose the right sailing glasses, which guarantee effective protection against the effects of glare and wind, a good grip to the face, and a clear and comfortable vision during navigation.

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