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Running sunglasses with Mirror Lenses

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Protecting your eyes better with technical sports glasses is fundamental in the practice of any discipline. Every runner and trail runner is always on the lookout for increasingly high-performance materials that help him improve performance and make it more enjoyable.
The evolution of the materials from the shoe to the technical clothing is aimed at the comfort and the help of the improvement of the technical gesture of the athlete.
The running and trail running eyewear especially on very intense sunny days and for very long use can make the difference. The visual stress caused by the strong sunlight can disturb the athlete, sometimes making the race more difficult and tiring.

Trail running sunglasses smoke mirror

As for running and trail running glasses, although the two disciplines are apparently distant, for this accessory, they are very similar. The best eyewear is the one you don’t notice during the race. The following features are essential in choosing your glasses with smoke lenses for running and trail running:

  • Perfect view of the route: It is essential for safety to see where we put our feet. The glasses with smoke lenses for running and trail running have decentralized and optically perfect lenses. This means that they are built with top quality polycarbonate and do not alter the vision in any way giving the vision of an exact point exactly where it is located. Some glasses with inaccurate decentralization can create visual distortions showing an exact point distorted by centimeters. This can represent a safety risk in case of delicate passages or obstacles.
  • Maximum safety for the eyes: The polycarbonate of category 3 lenses for running and trail running is anti-breakage. In fact, it can better protect your eyes even in the case of very strong impacts. The impact is cushioned by the entire surface of the lens, avoiding the creation of small fragments that could damage the eye.
  • Lightness and comfort: Another fundamental aspect for running, especially for prolonged use, using a technical eyewear for ultralight running and trail running can make a real difference. Each frame is in TR90 a special composition of Nylon and hypoallergenic carbon fiber that makes the glasses for running and trail running with category 3 smoke lenses 20% lighter than glasses made with conventional materials, more elastic and more durable over time. The rubber parts are in soft hypoallergenic Megol, in addition to comfort they improve the grip of the glasses preventing all those annoying micro slips towards the tip of the nose.

The category 3 smoke lens for running and trail running is optimal for very bright and long-lasting light days. The smoke lens protects against UV-A and UV-B rays and provides that pleasant sense of relaxation for your eyes.

woman sunglasses for running and trail running imperial model mirror lens

We recommend the choice of the smoke lens for those looking for training glasses, this specific type of lens is particularly appreciated by marathon runners, ultra-marathon runners and for ultra-trail , where very prolonged use requires maximum protection for the eyes.
It can also be chosen for simple training because it is essential to always protect your eyes with specific glasses and lenses.

For those who use prescription glasses:

For those who use prescription glasses, there is a dedicated line of sports prescription glasses for running and trail running with an internal vision clip and smoke lenses.

Prescription Sunglasses for Running and Trail Running

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